Frequently asked interview questions you need to know


Tell me about yourself

I am ( your degree) from XYZ college. I have very fine skills in group activities, (other skills). Also I have an experience of X years in XYZ field. I am a passionate and hardworking individual, just like your esteemed company needs.

tell me about yourself

Why should we hire you?

You may hire me because I am confident that I fulfil all the needful criteria your company needs (remember not to compare yourself with other employees, make the employer believe that they need you as much as you need the job.)

What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest strength

If asked about my particular greatest strength, I will consider my work ethic to be the one. I am very responsible and believe in providing on time and quality work which I know is hard for many of us. But I am confident that I can accomplish my goals in time.

What is your greatest weakness?

What is your greatest weakness

My greatest weakness is time. I am always punctual but when I am getting late for someone else, I leave them mid way and proceed to finish the task on my own, which is not always good.

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Why did you choose this career?

I had many events in my life that influenced me to pick up this job. Also I did a lot of research on this particular career line in the past few years. I always wanted to be an ( XYZ). And today here I am with my dreams coming true.

What is your perfect definition of success?

According to me, success is achieved when one can deliver more than what is expected of him. Success lies in hard work. (Give an example of the success you have had achieved, let the story be plain, straight going and simple, don’t bring in personal relations. Don’t brag)

What motivates you?

My work. No matter what ever work I do, it always proves to be a motivation for me. My work is my greatest motivation. It motivates me to work more and with more perfection. I don’t run after money but I do run after quality work, that makes me more motivated.

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Do you handle conflict well?

According to me, conflict can be a way to get things done in a better way. But yes, I do handle conflict well. I always try to find a middle ground of common interest, where we can resolve the matter and get into working together again.

Do you handle pressure well?

Yes I can handle pressure well. According to me communication is the key to get pressure free. Whenever I see some pressure coming to my way I tried to reduce it by contacting the concerned authorities and communicating with them. It solves both our problems

What sum of salary are you seeking?

(Answer this question very carefully, the interviewer is trying to test your expected salary against that work you will be doing)
Thank you for asking this question, but I would like to know what is the salary you pay to the employees with same background and same amount of work done.