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4 Reasons Why Freedom 251 Can Be Another Scam Or Digital Revolution in India?


There has been a huge media coverage about Freedom 251 – a revolutionary mobile handset by Ringing Bells (If delivered). Everyone has their own version on the topic but the most important things to discuss on this hot topic are:

  1. Confident Management at Ringing Bells
  2. Reasons why this can be a biggest scam of 2016

Confident Management at Ringing Bells & their Interview

With this interview, the points we can make out are:

  1. The management is trying to show immense confidence in their commitment
  2. There is no co-ordination between the president & managing director
  3. They didn’t speak about technology at all
  4. There is no innovation in cost cutting
  5. From commodity business to technical innovation in 6-7 months
  6. Desperately trying to connect with Digital India Programs & PM Modi’s vision
  7. President saved the interview
  8. Initially they said the product is in front of the public, but in the end they concluded by saying that the product design would alter and they may not be going with Adcom as well
  9. Manufacturing units are not yet installed, still confident to deliver in 4 months
  10. In a world where two major cellular device sellers (Apple & Samsung) fought on copying the product design, Ringing bells doesn’t look to be concerned about the product design and look at all
  11. Yes, in Rs. 251 its the specification which is the selling point but what if the product is harmful for normal use

Reasons why freedom251 can be a biggest scam of 2016

#1 Whitener used to cover the Adcom Logo



# Un-professional web setup

Credits: https://redd.it/46dj9m

#3 God knows the business model or Mr. Chadha himself

The company is neither subsidised not have a background, how are they going to make money on the adopted strategy, is it a ponzy scheme?

#4 Ringing Bells Past Issues With Earlier Product

The company recently i.e on 8th Feb 2016, launched Smart 101 in the very similar so called disrupting marketing by Mr. Chadha. But this is what we got from various forums

As a consumer I wouldn’t make a purchase of a product unless and until I don’t see it.

But none the less, seeing the cuteness in Managing Director Mohit, the company has made a huge news in mobile industry and time will let us know the absolute feasibility, innovation and marketing disruption.




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