Top 10 Forex Trading Companies


List of the Top 10 Forex Trading Companies: The modern method of forex trading does not require you to buy any currency, nor to go hunting for forex trading broker. You simply have to look for a forex trading company that does the job for you.  You only place a trade request with forex trading company, and the firm does the rest for you.

If you are new to the world of forex trading, rely on your forex trader to manage the trade for you, as you may not yet be aware of the different currencies that you can match or which platform to choose for trading.

Top 10 Forex Trading Companies

  • NSFX

The NSFX provides you all the support until you know about the complexities of the trade, and helps develop trading skills. The web tools of NSFX allow online trading online, at your preferred pace.  You can open practice accounts to learn and acquire experience in forex trading. The site of the firm has trading tools like economic calendar, fundamental and technical analysis and forex news that you can utilize to make buying decisions.  The MFSA licensed company is a regulated one and offers easy withdrawal options.

  • MB Trading

The company develops direct access broking technology and connects the online investors and institutions to it. The online investors can trade directly with the NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE through the order routing system named MBTX in this way the investors can bypass the middlemen. The company also has a desktop product called MBT Desktop that allows you to create your personal, window, and operate in their chosen trading market. 

  • FXCM
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The broking company offers ECN services and provides a fantastic platform for trading and forex services. The look of the site is attractive, and you can move through it easily. The trading signals offered by this online forex trading company are free and also provide hedging services.   The firm offers various account types to select from, and mobile apps to trade easily through your handheld device.   For trade in a significant volume, the company offers an elite service, with exclusive access and premium services.

  • FXDD

The company has the maximum number of trading platforms to choose from. The fast server of the enterprise executes your requests without delay. The upgrade to MT4 makes the company more desirable to work with. The firm helps you to install custom indicators if you have any problems with the system.

  • HotForex

No matter if you are a fund manager, an institution or a private individual, looking for a helpful forex trading firm, the regulated firm HotForex works well for all. The company offers a variety of account types, trading tools, and software to choose from.  The multilingual customer services are ever-ready to help every client.  A fast trading platform and no- delay withdrawal requests are other special features of this firm. 

  • AC Markets
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AC Marketing is the most transparent, competitive and reliable forex trading company that you come across. This desk broker company confidently guarantees their orders and their stops. When you approach the business, it ensures that you get to know everything about the way it executes the foreign exchange trade.   

  • eToro

This is a pioneering company in the world of forex trading company. The professionalism and fair deals that the company offers are the reason behind its popularity in the foreign exchange trading for years. The firm provides trading services at a minimum cost and offers the best platforms, through which you can trade, at your convenience.

  • TTCM Traders Trust

At this regulated forex broking firm, you can open an account at a much lesser deposit than other brokers demand. With the high leverage that the company offers, you can trade in large positions even if you have a small amount of capital.

  • Interbank FX (Closed)
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The MT4 software provided by Interbank FX allows you to sell and buy currencies and provides real-time quotes. You can make a chart analysis of your trading interests using the in-built indicators, in the software, to enhance your profits.  Use of then special Expert Advisor helps you in automating your trades.


Fair pricing and a quality trade execution make the the most preferred location for retail traders, who seek to access the world foreign exchange market. The services on offer include expert market research, professional charting, advanced trading tools and also training and education in the field of foreign exchange trading.

Many other forex trading companies are in the market and vying for your attention. Before signing in with a firm, ensure that the company sticks to fast withdrawal time frames. The firm should also offer a range of currency pairings so that you have a chance of profitable trading.