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Fonts Generator: Create Unusual IG fonts to Catch Attention


Initially, Instagram was created as a social network to exchange visual content: photos and videos. Although the text functionality is very simple; by default, different fonts are not provided.

In the feed, all the texts look the same and are a bit boring. In such a situation, it isn’t easy to stand out and attract attention with the design. But the desire for individuality has prompted people to create programs and services that will help change the font from the outside.

This article will teach you how to make your Instagram bright and visually attractive with Instagram fonts.

How to use fonts on Instagram?

Beautiful original fonts perfectly highlight the text, help form the identity of the account, and attract the audience’s attention. The font is an integral element of the brand. Many variants and types of custom fonts can be added to the history, profile header (bio), text for publication, and even to the description and title of IGTV.

#1 For posts

In publications, using an interesting font, you can highlight the main thoughts and words.

#2 For heading

This is a great alternative to CAPITAL LETTERS, often perceived as excessive emotionality and a transition to “raised tones.” Such a title looks harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, but it is essential not to overdo its originality and choose a readable version.

#3 For title

You can use catchy fonts for the product’s name, event, institution, brand, nomination. It is especially advantageous to look at the bold font here.

#4 For question

The question of where to place it – at the beginning or at the end of the publication, often remains unanswered. Sometimes the audience just forgets about it, thinking about the content of the publication.

So such a clever technique as a text written in a different font can focus attention on the question, push for an answer and increase engagement in posts.

*Note: Perhaps you’ll find your own original solution for using the font in publications. The main thing to remember is that first of all followers will pay attention to the words written in the original font, and only after that to the remaining text. So select the most important and “catchy” part.

#5 For the username

The fancy font highlights the user’s name in the search bar and followers, catches the eye. Such profiles are much more often paid attention to.

#6 For stories

The easiest way is to use fonts in stories. There is a built-in editor with interesting fonts, so you do not need to use third-party applications.

Use the text in the story to share a fleeting mood, tell about important events, conduct a survey, express thoughts aloud, advise something or inform about the release of a new publication in the feed.

#7 For bio

The profile header is used for brand positioning. Here, users can get the answer to the question, “Who are you, and why should I follow you?!”

Fonts that reflect the aesthetics of the profile look cool. As usual, they are minimalistic, italic, etc.

Best fonts generator tools

There are several ways to get an original fancy font for Instagram. They all work according to the same scheme: you can copy the font you like and add it to Instagram. There are three ways to do this.

  • Unicode (Unicode): arrows, emojis, currencies

Unicode is an encoding standard that makes it possible to display almost all written characters, whether Greek letters or Arabic scripts. This method is convenient if you do not want to change the standard font, but you want to add various emoticons to your profile.

  • Websites fonts generator

If you don’t want to dig into Unicode, you can create an inscription in a fascinating font using artistic letters generator sites. They are extremely easy to use and immediately display several decor options.

Almost every fonts generator works on the copy & paste principle. That is, you should open the service’s website, write the necessary text in the text field, click on the “Generate” button and choose the best one from a variety of options, and copy it. Now open Instagram and paste it into the necessary post, bio, or comment.

  • Applications-generators

Unfortunately, it is convenient to use sites for changing the font for Instagram only from a PC. If you plan to create your profile from a mobile phone, use the apps. You can find a lot of such software both in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Use the search word “fonts for Instagram”.

Bottom line

Try, test, and generate! However, it is worth remembering that beautiful fonts for Instagram are a useful tool, but you should not overdo them. Too many fonts experimentation repels the reader, as well as its complete absence.

Title: Fonts Generator: Create Unusual IG fonts to Catch Attention

Description: Many people believe that the IG font can only be standard, but this is a mistake. The capabilities of the social network allow you to change the font of many elements in the profile. You just need to use fonts generator and change as you wish. 



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