Flaunt Your Short Hair With Unique Hairstyles


Short hair is in vogue for some time now, and hair stylists have realized the craze too. Hence, a wide range of styles have come up that will suit anyone flaunting their short hair irrespective of the thickness of their hair. Here are some of the best styles to try if you possess such a haircut-

A-line Amber Bob

It is a chin-length hairdo that also has layers that give you volume if your hair is thin and the density decreases gradually, giving an excellent look.

Layered Bob

If you want to hide your thin hair, then layered bob is just perfect because the whole hair resides on a side. You also get a cute rounded look to your face due to sidewise volume.

Feathered Pixie

It is a choppy kind of hairdo and looks brilliant with slight highlights. It suits perfectly for women of all ages and will make you look classy and modern.

Disconnected Pixie

A classic variation that allows the addition of layers; this haircut not only shifts the hair sidewise but also adds layers to make it look voluminous. Blonde tone works perfectly with such hair.

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Messy Style With Twists

If your hair is slightly wavy, then you can try this style by adding some twists parallel to both sides and make the hair top heavy, your hair’s thinness will definitely not be recognized here.

Edgy Cut

It is a classic hairdo for ultramodern women. It’s extremely elegant and looks beautiful on any confident woman till their mid-40s.

Red Cut With Wispy Layers

The layers, in this case, are gentle and have more delicate texture than the common layers. Hence, the thickness looks even more natural and adding highlights augments the glamor quotient.

Layered Pixie With Edgy Cut

It is a party haircut by all means because your hair looks extremely dynamic due to the fringes and there are all sorts of textures in your hair. You can ruffle the fringes and create new looks every moment.

Side Partition

It is surely for experimenting with your hairdo. Such a haircut gives you a more contemporary look instead of a classic one and has a more edgy feel to it. Keep minimal hair at the sides and maximize the amount in the middle.

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Sassy Bob Style

Such a hairdo suits women with thicker hair. The locks appear straight, and that balances the volume of hair nicely. You can add variations by shortening sides and the backs.

The Classic Cut

It is the regular short haircut where you keep your ears visible and let your layers flaunt the volume of your hair.

Smooth Bob

This hairstyle is made for thick haired people who have also straightened their bush. Multiple layers converge like feathers near the back of your head and let your hair flow, making the hairdo exude class.

Angled Bob

A classic and yet, always trendy cut that will remove the bushy nature from your hair and give the perfect rounded shape with all the necessary layers. Angled Bob is a favorite among everyone with voluminous hair.

Wispy Bob With Chin Length Hair

Another hairdo that can only be flaunted when you have volume over your head, this cut prevents any kind of frizz. The layers add up to provide the wispy look, and it is very easy to maintain too.

Sleek And Lovely Hairdo

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This cut is one of the most obvious choices if you are aiming to be formal. It makes your hair look perfect, with no excess or lack. An excellent choice for youngsters, this haircut can look even more beautiful if you have extremely subtle layers.

Cute Crop

A cut that looks incredibly sexy with the right accessories, fine crop gives you long bangs on the sides that frame your face beautifully.

Asymmetrical Two-Tone Crop

It is another incredibly vivacious haircut suited perfectly for thick hair. The asymmetry on the other hand, when highlighted, can surely turn many eyes towards you.

Chic Asymmetrical Hairdo

A style suited for all rock concerts as well as edgy personas. The cut looks shaggy from the outfit and balances it with thick waves and carelessly hanging bangs. Right makeup with this cut can make you stand out of the crowd by all means.