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Five Myths About Contact Lenses Busted


Just like eyeglasses, contact lenses help correct refractive errors by helping your eyes quickly focus on both close-placed and far-lying objects. Contacts are one of the safest and most effective ways to correct vision when used with proper care and supervision.

For something so small and light, contact lenses have a significant impact on our lives. But many myths surround the use of different types of contact lenses and their usage. Because of these misconceptions, people hesitate to make the switch from glasses to contact lenses. But you got nothing to worry about. We are here to help you debunk myths about contact lenses so that you can find the best contact lenses available in the market. 

Myth 1: You should not wear contact lenses for a long duration

The Certainty: Contact lenses are safe if you follow the instructions given to you by your eye care practitioner at the time of purchase. Make sure you clean your lenses thoroughly and replace them on time, as directed by your eye care practitioner. 

If a lens accidentally gets chipped or cracked, discard it and use a fresh contact lens. Advanced technology has made high-quality products readily available for use, such as Bausch+Lomb’s Ultra Lenses, which uses silicone hydrogel material and can be worn for up to 16 hours without experiencing much unease and irritation. However, you must avoid wearing your contacts for extended periods, unless you discuss this with your eye care practitioner… You can seek your eye practitioner’s advice to choose contact lenses that can be worn for a longer duration.

Myth 2: You can store contact lenses in tap water

The Reality: Make it a practice to store your contact lenses in a lens solution instead of water. It doesn’t matter if the water is purified, distilled or straight from the tap, it still contains bacteria and other microorganisms that might cause serious eye infections. Contact lenses need disinfection and water does not help you do so. 

Storing contact lenses in water enables the growth of fungi and harmful pathogens that can get transferred to your eyes. The practice of storing contact lenses in tap water can lead to sight-threatening eye problems. Avoid any unnecessary trouble by following the directions for use and storage as prescribed by your optometrist.

Myth 3: You can harm your eyes wearing coloured contact lenses

The Fact: Non-vision-correcting contacts are safe as long as they fit your eyes properly and you take well care of them as directed by your eye care professional. Everyday essentials such as contact lenses should never be shared or lent to anyone. 

If you decide to buy a pair of contact lenses, do so after receiving proper instructions for its care and maintenance. The best way is to get in touch with your eye care professional and find out more about coloured contact lenses before using them. As long as you are careful and follow eye care professional’s instructions, contacts are safe to use.

Myth 4: You cannot wear contact lenses when working with or near flames 

The Truth: When you insert contact lenses into your eyes, they start to behave as a part of your eye, so they don’t get affected by the surrounding temperature. Keep a safe distance from flame even when not wearing contact lenses. Taking care of your eyes is a proactive habit, make sure that your eyes stay healthy, with or without lenses. 

Myth 5: You should not wear contact lenses regularly 

The Reality: Contact lenses are a visual aid that is designed to make our daily lives easier by providing us with precise vision. It is perfectly safe to wear contact lenses regularly, given it has been prescribed by your eye care practitioner. The possibility of eye damage due to the using different types of contact lenses is very low if you carefully follow your eye care practitioner’s recommendations and advice.  of your eye care practitioner. Follow the advised eye care routine, so you can wear your contact lenses regularly.  

Essential Truths About Contact Lenses

Before trying something, we tend to research about it first. And sometimes, it gets difficult to separate the rights from the wrongs. So instead of relying on inadequate information, it is better to refer to more than one source to form an opinion. Remember these points when you consider buying contact lenses. Your eyes are sensitive, so it becomes necessary that you purchase your contacts from a brand that is trustworthy, customer-oriented and offers a variety of contact lenses. Take the path to healthier eyes and clearer vision with Bausch+Lomb, a brand globally known for their premium quality products and after-sales services. They help you find the right eye care regime and products for your needs. See the world with a better vision!



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