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Best 10 WhatsApp Games to Play with Family Members


Is your family group being vacant for a long time? Do anyone not post anything in your family group? Is your group like ‘Khali Dabba’?

Do you feel that there should be a whatsapp game that can make you close to you with your family?

Exactly a few will answer for a normal post but if you share games everyone will play and the feeling of the competition will come in their mind so they would like to play more and more games.

So enjoy these WhatsApp Games with any member of your family or in WhatsApp family group. Casual talks always make people boring but fun & games make you fit and laugh. So go through the below-enlisted games, hopefully, you will heartily enjoy these games.

10 games to play on WhatsApp with your family during the quarantine

#1. Home GK whatsapp game

By this game parents can interact with their offspring to the rest of relatives. Mainly, some kids don’t know the name of relatives and relations but they should know everyone. 

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Rules: Anyone can start the game by raising a question to anyone. If one loses the game then they can’t play further and again the former will ask a question to the next one. If he answers correctly then the latter will ask questions to the next member. 

Question would be like: Who is the eldest male in our family including both paternal and maternal?

What is the occupation of your youngest maternal uncle?

Who among our family has left no tooth? Etc…

#2. Dare Chain game

Dare in a rare way??

As we all know that dare game is very common in all of us so to make it interesting here we have a twist we can play this game in our family group.The game is one family member is going to give dare another member and the chain is going to continue, twist is that the dare which they will perform must be recorded in video or audio form as required and they will send it to the grp ?loser would be removed from the group for a day.

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#3. Error detection?

The person who will find error first would be the winner.

Find the error in the following:

#4. EYE Test

In this game  two things you need, one is concentration and the other is concentration,so let’s check the power of the eye. 

How many double hump camels are there??  Guess it quick…

#5. Word fubble

Arranging numbers in descending or ascending is easy but try this game and check your ability. 

** In this game one is going to send a word which is not arranged properly and the other has to guess the correct word ?

Like…. ROWD – word

FLAI- fail

#6. Alphabet dare

Do you feel nervous when you just know the word dare but nothing a hilarious dare comes to your mind at the time of the game. Then, try this WhatsApp game. 

**Choose a letter. Dare must be starting from that letter… Eg… If someone chose R then dare would be like *recharge my phone*??

#7. Match the following

Have you remembered our memories of the class nursery? When we were given animal names and figures. We had to match only.

This game is also like this??

Match the numbers with the following terms. 

Alphabet letters7
Hand fingers206
Zodiac sign26
Wonders in world12
Bones in body5

8. Family age game

The game is quite interesting. Knowing the name of family members is quite easy but the age and date of the year would be quite thinkable. Don’t you think so…??


  • One will tell the age and others have to guess who is he.
  • Another one, guess the people by the birth year.

Loser would give the treat to the questioner. 

9. Puzzle game

Let us see how fast your mind works. 

**There would be an image and within 3 minutes one has to identify 5 brands of shampoo according to the following snap. If one doesn’t give the answer in that fixed time then they will buy 5 packets of shampoo to them. 

Wanna try? Get ready to buy shampoo??

10. Activity vs mind game

See how much one knows about siblings and family members. Being with people is easy but noticing one’s regular activity is tough. 

**One will text some activities of someone and others have to guess it. One can include it with behaviour,choice,taste etc. As. We put taste like sweet then others have to predict the name of guys.

So are you ready to test your mind. Have fun!



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