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10 Facts you should know about Secret society Illuminati


Welcome reader, if you are reading this, chances are that you have heard about Illuminati they were 18th-century secret society, hailing from Bavaria Germany. They have been part of many conspiracy theories and some people say that control the world by controlling governments, economies, and religions. Today we are going to share some facts that you should know if Illuminati ever got you curious.

1. Founded by:

The secret society was founded by Adam Bicep. The idea behind creating this was gathering all free thinkers in one place so they can work towards the benefit of the world. The first members who joined were his students. They later added more than 600 men most of them were important potions in the Bavarian society like bankers, doctors, noblemen, and lawyers. Some of the famous writers like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe were also members of the society.

2. They have been around since the 18th century :

It’s been more than 250 years since Illuminati were first founded. Although it is said that they disbanded after a while in the 19th century they started to make a comeback during the mid-1970s in the form of a literary trilogy.

3. There weren’t always seen as evil:

Mostly people think that Illuminati are evil people who perform satanic rituals to keep their control over the world. When they were first founded they encouraged and reflected enlightened ideas such as rational thought and self-rule. That was the reason they supported revolutionaries in the past rather than siding with the ruling army, monarchs, church officials and leaders.

4. They once tried to conquer the world:

Illuminati societies were at its peak with over twenty-five hundred members they tried to take control of the world. Some conspire to say that they failed to fulfil their wish but on the other side of the coin people also think that they were successful in conquering the world and still control it.

5. They have inspired many Hollywood movie:

We don’t know for sure if they still exist or not but one thing for which we are sure is Illuminati have successfully inspired so many blockbuster Hollywood movies like Lara Croft, The Wicker Man, From Hell and many more to come.

6. Every member of Illuminati was fully devoted to the cause:

The Illuminati did not accept any of the weak-minded in their group. Because all of the members of Illuminati were highly influential peoples. All of the members were asked to analyse themselves so they can know their weak traits and work on overcoming it which will in return benefit the group. The Society believed they are weak as their weakest member and strong as their strongest member.

7. The Society was founded in the year 1776

The Illuminati were founded in the same year when America declared its independence from the British Empire. Because of this coincidence, there are so many conspiracy theories like America was founded by Illuminati and some or all of its founding father were parts of the Secret Society.

8. The famous symbol “all-seeing eye”:

Mostly people think or hear about Illuminati they tend to think about the “All-seeing eye on the top of a pyramid” as its symbol. However, the reality is different than what most people think that the original symbol of Illuminati was not “All-seeing eye”. Rather the actual symbol was “The wise owl of Athena” the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

9. They were active for less than a decade:

Duke of Bavaria Carl Theodore felt threaten by Illuminati society he banned them altogether from the country. This happened because some members of Illuminati society couldn’t keep their mouth shut and boasted about this. Some people think that they did not exactly disband after they banned in Europe.

10. Rich conspiracy theorists:

Over the time many theorists have to gain a lot of fame and money by telling their conspiracy theories to the public. A good example of this is a radio show host Alex Jones with a net worth of 7 million to 10 million dollars. He made his career in chasing the conspiracy story about Illuminati and telling the general public about them.

Here were some facts about Illuminati hope you enjoy it. Please share this with your friends since it helps us to bring more articles on your favourite topics to you.



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