Facts About Menopause That Every Woman Must Know


Just as periods are unavoidable, menopause is inevitable and natural. Many women have it tough when it comes to periods. But it is both natural and essential. Similarly, menopause, too, can be challenging for some, smooth for some. Menopause is important. So here are few facts about menopause that every woman must know.

Three Stages:

To state it simply, menopause has three stages. Premenopause is the pre-phase of menopause where hormones are erratic. Menopause is the final period. Postmenopause are the years following menopause. Postmenopause begins only when a woman doesn’t get periods for at least a year.

Symptoms Of Menopause:

90% of women have these common symptoms: absent, short, or irregular periods, depression or anxiety, hair loss or thinning, hot flashes (flushes), less interest in sex, mood swings, night sweats, sleep disturbances, tiredness, vaginal dryness and weight gain. Women also experience absent, short, or irregular periods before menopause.

Hot Flashes:

Due to the eccentric hormones, a lot of women suffer from hot flashes. It involves going from feeling cold to hot to super burning hot within a few seconds. It would help if you kept your lifestyle healthy during such times. It helps in staying fit plus lowers the irregularities in the hormones. For hot flashes, especially, you have to avoid hot, spicy food and keep your body hydrated.

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Lost Interest In Sex:

With the hormones going up and down, your mood is all over the place. In such times, sex is the last thing on your mind. Plus, it can be uncomfortable at times. So that’s okay. It is for a short period.

Premature Menopause:

This cases of premature menopause have increased in the past few years. It is nothing unnatural. It tends to rum into the family. So genes play an essential role here. It can be as early as in the 40s. So, such women should plan their children early.

A Welcome Change:

After decades of mood swings and period pains, menopause is a welcome change. A lot of women think that menopause will end their sex life. But it is not valid. It just gets more accessible from there. You will feel stability and tremendous enthusiasm for your life.

So, these are few facts about menopause that every woman must know.