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Evaluating the Robotic Manipulation Procedure


Many businesses today are in search of new strategies to enhance production, improve their product quality, and eliminate redundant tasks. Robot integrators play an important role in providing solutions for different projects.

Below are some tips to illustrate how they handle robot manipulation projects. These tips can help entrepreneurs when it comes to proper management of robotic cell deployment.  

1. Evaluate the Procedure

Establish where in your company’s production department a robot can be introduced. In order to achieve this, one must evaluate particular manipulation tasks within the production section where the robot can eliminate labor exhaustive tasks, promote the quality of products, and enhance production.

During this evaluation, many people may focus on repetitive tasks. While these are ideal for automation, experts recommend flexibility especially now that collaborative robots are available. In today’s techno-savvy world, automation is much more than repetition.

For instance, assuming that one has a variety of tasks where introducing a robot could enhance production albeit with a prolonged return on investment time, seeing that the industrial robot will not work throughout the day on one task, you can opt to utilize a flexible, movable, and easy to program a collaborative robot.

Adding an adaptive robot gripper to the industrial robot allows it to manipulate each component without the need of extra tool setups. Remember, redundancy is important in automation and flexibility can reduce your ROI time in automating redundant tasks.  

2. Analyze Potential Solutions

After establishing a specific task, incorporate your team into strategizing potential solutions. With automation, entrepreneurs cannot afford to work on the entire solution by themselves. Remember colleagues and employees have different skills which mean they are capable of bringing in more ideas which all of you can work on together as a team.

Working as a team ensures that no essential details are left out or forgotten in the project. Additionally, this strategy helps companies source for the best affordable solutions for the application. Incorporate the team tasked with managing the robotic cell in your strategizing sessions.

3. Weigh your Options

Now that you and your team have identified the best solution, subdivide it into different options beginning with the most essential components and including more intricate options. This way, you will figure out the added value and cost of various options, and help you scale above the robot integrators.

For instance, opting for 3D vision on your system rather than 2D vision is bound to enhance your project cost. Since a 2D vision solution enables you to draw 98% of the components, one can choose to maintain the 2D solution and find an affordable substitute for the 2% remaining.

4. Repeat your Concepts

Revising your concept gives you an opportunity to establish any more potential solutions you could have left out. Many times, there will be a time lapse between the inaugural strategizing session and the start of the project. This could mean new technologies are already in the market for the project. Still, it is important to consider your budget and seek approval from other stakeholders.  

5. Exercise Caution

When the project manager and his team begins working on the programming, part selection, and design. It is important to understand that the retail of customized robotic solutions fluctuates throughout the year.

Additionally, maintaining them can be expensive and could put a dent on the budget especially if the part selection process was poorly done. Try to maintain simplicity and avoid designing parts that can be easily purchased over the counter.  

6. Assimilate the Solution

After the design is complete, you can install the robot cell and train your staffs. Take time to train them to eliminate the additional technical support.  


If you are planning to integrate a robot cell manipulation project, these tips will help you establish the best solutions for your project. Incorporating your team in the project ensures that all concepts are factored in.

Remember, a robotic cell will require support from time to time. Follow up after some time to ensure that everything is functioning well and that consumers are satisfied.



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