Effective Ways To Make Your Dark Areas Look Brighter


Light is one of the most important things that affect our life. Have you ever spent an hour or two in a poorly lit room? It could be that you left the place feeling tired, stressed, and having a slight headache. That is how much staying in dark places can affect you. It affects both the way we make decisions about something and our perception of the place. In most cases, darkness is associated with no life and sadness. That is why we need brighter space in our homes.

A bright home feels comfy, clean, and appealing. But unfortunately, that feeling is not mutual in all homes. It could be due to construction issues, lack of sufficient natural lighting, or a faulty lighting system. Here, we will discuss ways you can make your darker rooms brighter.

How Can You Make Dark Areas Brighter?

Work On The Natural Lighting

Some areas in your house could be dark simply because there is no way for the natural light to go in. If you do not have any windows close to the dark area, try to create one. In some other cases, the window is too small to bring sufficient light to the room. The bigger the window, the more light that gets to your house. You could also try cleaning the panes on the inside. If long branches are covering your windows, trim the trees around your home for sufficient light.

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Check The Lighting Of The House

Ideally, there are supposed to be three types of lighting in your house: the ambient, task, and accent. You could also try to incorporate decorative lights such as wall lights and chandeliers. A chandelier with dazzling crystals ensures that it reflects light all over a room. Bedroom wall lights, on the other hand, give a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You could also use such lights in your dark walk-in closet.

Mirrors Work Wonders

Mirrors are not just for the bathrooms and dressing rooms. They are one way you can achieve good lighting in your darkroom. Ideally, mirrors reflect a lot of light, and that’s just what you need. Instead of leaving your walls bare, you could use mirrors as hangings on the walls adjacent to your windows, and in return, you get brighter rooms.

Reflective Wallpapers And Carpets

If you are content with the paint on your walls, you do not have to repaint but have a house makeover. Today there is a big advantage that there is a wide range of wallpapers to choose from. With your rooms in mind, invest in wallpaper that will reflect light from your windows. A reflective carpet or light wood flooring is also a good idea.

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Play Around With Paint

A bright color illuminates lighter than a darker color. So, if you want to make your darker areas look more radiant, you need to paint them in very bright colors. You could also paint the ceiling with the color of the sky. Even if the room is dark, the illusion of the sky and the illumination of the natural light brings a feeling that the place is open and spacious. Instead of blinds, go for bright colored curtains for dark places. If you go for painting, ensure that you have a color scheme for dark rooms so that your house doesn’t end up looking like a school of colors.

Work With Your Furniture

Adding dark-coloured furniture to a darker room will only make it dull and sad. Instead, go for bright colors to spruce up the appearance of the room. Think of colors like mustard yellow or white for your seats instead of the typical black or brown leather seats. Check on the arrangement of the furniture too. Some people still believe in pushing chairs or beds to the walls. If you want your space to appear bigger and better, keep your furniture a distance from the walls.

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Too much of something is poison. The same thing happens to your house when you want everything in one place. Decluttering improves the lighting of a room. For example, reduce the wall hangings and artwork from your walls. One or two won’t be harmful, but don’t let your house look like an art gallery. Your bookshelf doesn’t have to block the lighting from the window. How about you make a bookshelf perpendicular to the wall? This could be eyecatching!

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