Drugs Issue That Gained International Presence


Everyone knows that the Tollywood has been shaken upon the drugs case with many celebrities has been interviewed one on each day along with others who are playing crucial roles in getting drugs from various sources from different countries. One among the top criminals is Calvin who used to be addicted to drugs once upon a time and later turned out to be the drugs smuggler by stretching the contracts with various cinema and political officials.

At first, the case started off with the students. It is surprising that most of the students were in the loop of Calvin and many others who used to supply the drugs to them. When the news has risen most of the people got shocked and the parents of the children who were addicted were felt in a miserable way hearing their children have been consuming those drugs since times.

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Dr. Akun Sabharwal – Dy. Inspector General of Police from excise department has taken this issue on a serious note and began investigating the victims as well as the criminals who were selling those drugs to them. Later the issue has turned on to Tollywood who is reportedly been using those drugs since years. According to the news, all the persons who are indulged in the drug case were having contacts with many drug smugglers like Calvin.

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The government of Telangana has taken this issue seriously and has given full freedom to the excise department to investigate all the people who are using drugs from the past to present. In this scenario, the excise department has sent notices to various drug consumers in Tollywood to attend before SIT(Special Investigating Team) by mentioning dates to 12 members in the primary list.

The persons who have received notices from the excise department are as follows

  • Puri Jagannath – Director
  • Shyam K Naidu – Cinematographer
  • Subbaraju – Character Artist
  • Navadeep – Actor
  • Tarun – Actor
  • Charmi – Actor
  • Mumaith Khan – Actor
  • Chinna – Art Director
  • Ravi Teja – Actor
  • Nandu – Play Back Singer
  • Tanish – Actor

Ms. Khan arrived Hyderabad from Mumbai after she inspired consent to leave ‘Enormous Boss’, a TV reality appears, for one day. As per the tenets of the network show, no member is permitted to go out till he or she is wiped out from the challenge.

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The on-screen character, who had a cameo in the motion picture Munna Bhai MBBS, is the eighth Tollywood superstar to be addressed by SIT. She is viewed as near director Puri Jagannadh, who was at that point tested for the situation.

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The examining officers had barbecued performing artist Charmme Kaur for more than six hours regarding the case.

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The Hyderabad High Court had rejected her supplication that she ought to be addressed within the sight of her legal advisor. The high court, nonetheless, coordinated the SIT to scrutinize her within the sight of ladies officers between 10 am and 5 pm.

Likewise, her blood, hair and nail tests ought not to be gathered without her assent, the court said.

Amid the examination of the medication racket that was busted here on July 2, names of a few individuals from the Telugu film industry sprung up, the SIT had said before.

Nineteen individuals have been captured up to this point and seven cases enrolled.

The SIT speculates that the mobsters provided top of the line ‘party medications’, for example, lysergic corrosive diethylamide (LSD) and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, otherwise called happiness) to film identities, workers of Multi-National Companies and school and undergraduates in the city, among others.

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Mike Kamminga’s capture was being viewed as a noteworthy achievement as he was allegedly providing the medications to vendors from Europe.

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After all the investigation of those celebrities got over the Telangana government said that persons who consumed those drugs were treated as victims but not as criminals and who does that business of selling and smuggling were taken into custody and were punished severely by the guidelines given by judicial authorities.

This issues will appear sometimes and stops when this attack will happen. Again the same scenario starts. It is a humble request from our side, please don’t make a habit of using drugs as it spoils your career and professional life. So, have a nice sleep on Centuary Mattresses without using all those illicit things.

Drugs Issue That Gained International Presence