Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2022


Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is one of the most important festivals among the other Hindu Festivals. The festival is witnessed in the start of the autumn season and kicks off with Navaratri (9 days). The last day is considered and celebrated as Dussehra. In India, Dussehra is one of the most auspicious festivals where everyone makes sure to celebrate it sumptuously.

Well, if you are one among those who are not really sure of why people celebrate Dusshera, we can give a heads up on this. The story or the reason for celebration varies among the different regions of India. While some mark the festival with “Ram Leela” where Rama’s victory over  Ravana is taken into consideration, the rest go with goddesses Durga victory over the Demons. At last, through these ancient mythological stories, the moral is same. Both of the Gods fought the battle in order to bring peace, Harmony and Dharma winning over the bad. So now we are sure that you will be able to answer if anyone asks you about Dusshera and why it is celebrated.

The one thing that catches our attention when we talk about Indian Hindu Festivals is the way we style ourselves. Each of these festivals has their own reasons to be celebrated and the way we dress differ region wise with the diverse cultures and traditions in India. When we say the word “Navaratri” the one thing that should be coming to your mind is Dandiya and how to set your wardrobe ready for the nine days.

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Image result for ghagra gifsWell, we are here to make that task of your easy with these trending Lehengas collection that is going gaga in 2017. Since people go for Dandiya dance for long hours during the initial nine days, it becomes essential that you should be comfortable in your outfit to carry yourself well and at the same time look presentable and unique from the rest of the crowd making everyone’s head turn up to you. Who would not love to dress up themselves and look gorgeous when it comes to festive time?

So here are the trending collections of Lehenga for this year Navaratri 2017.

Shirt Blouse Ghagra

Are you tired of the same old pattern that the traditional ethnic Ghagra carries on, then this one is for you.  If you are a fashion icon who loves to try and experiment with different looks, then we consider you to go for this one. Do you know how the Haryana people wear a Choli? They don’t go with a blouse like a pattern but instead go for a short shirt like pattern with three-fourth sleeves or full sleeves. So the overall look goes like this, a bit longer shirt kind of pattern that is shimmered and decorated with mirrors and heavy embroidery work to get that overall look.

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017

So try out this kind of style, you can still go and add your fashion sense and come up some sexy neck design that can suit you well.

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Belt Ghagra

You can make your Lehenga or Ghagra look unique with a handcrafted belt that can give a nice contemplation to your Ghagra which is usually plain in the beginning and heavy work at the end.  You are at your liberty to create the belt the way you want. You can go with a simple classic western pattern one if you feel your Ghagra is heavy with work to give an Indo-western feel or you create a traditional belt with work to highlight your Lehenga base.

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017

Dark colored mirrored Dupattas

While some prefer not to wear the Dupattas in order to highlight the Ghagra, the rest want a nice trendy Dupatta for their Ghagra. If you are planning to go on with a plain colored and light work Ghagra with a heavy blouse, then we suggest you go with a contrasting colored Dupatta as that will increase the overall glamour of your outfit. You can look simple and yet Elegant proving yourself as a style Diva with this unique look. This look can also be accessorized with the right kind of accessories.

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017

Back Choli

If you are one among those who love experimenting with the different choli patterns and neck styles, then you should be trying out something unique this festive season. You can flaunt your back with a low cut choli. This makes your whole Ghagra look sexy and sassy!


Image result for cut choli

Love for Tunics

If you are willing to go with a western look and yet carry the Indian essence in your attire then you can pair up with a  nice worked Kurta or Tunic with a plain Ghagra to get the overall Look!

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017


Pom-Pom Ghagra

Try out this Ghagra style that is fluffy and has lots of frills to make the look more free-flowing and elegant. With this pattern, we are sure you will be one of the dancing stars at Dandiya night as it makes your dance grooves more beautiful with the frills and layers.

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017

With these unique trending and stylish combinations of lehengas or Ghagra, we are sure you will be rocking the dance floor this festive season at Dandiya. Match up your blouse, lehenga, and Dupatta in contrasting colors to get the Diva look!

Are you all worked up throughout the day and tired after your Dandiya Dance? Make sure to take have a proper diet and a lovely sleep on your Centuary mattress which will keep you all boosted up to start off your next day!

Dress Up For The Dandiya Nights With These Trendy Lehengas Collection For 2017