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Dream Girl Hema Malini turned 72! Read about her 7 Best Hits.


Recently, Dream Girl Hema Malini celebrated her 72nd birthday. Hearty congratulations to the dancer, actress, director, producer, writer, and politician. She was a well-known dancer before she did her acting debut in a Tamil film called Idhu Sathiyam. She entered Bollywood with her movie Sapnon ka Saudagar with Raj Kapoor. Today let’s talk about some of the most successful films of the actress.


The super-duper blockbuster hit has to be one of the all-time best movies of Bollywood. In addition, the heroic cast included Super-star Amitabh Bachchan as Jai, Dharmendra as Viru and Jaya Bhaduri- Bachchan as Radha against Ahmjad Khan as Gabbar. These characters are still celebrated today for their dialogues and style. Hema Malini’s character Basanti was a simple village girl. She ran the horse cart to seek earnings. Her chemistry with Viru was appreciated by the crowd.

Dream Girl:

This movie is considered as a big milestone in Hema Malini’s career. Indeed, the title of ‘Dream Girl’ stays with her to date. Hema Malini’s attires was one of the most appreciated parameters of this film. In addition, the songs were an instant hit. Hema Malini played the role of a con woman against a rich and handsome Dharmendra.

Seeta aur Geeta:

This Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kapur starred is a light-hearted Comic/ Drama that fans enjoy today as well. Hema Malini played the double roles of twin sisters Seeta and Geeta. The storyline is a typical Bollywood tragedy. For instance, the twins separate sometime after their birth. Above all, Hema Malini’s acting was appreciated for her two distinct personalities in form of Seeta and Geeta.

Prem Nagar:

Hema Malini starred against superstar Rajesh Khanna in this movie. It was a romantic drama between Rajesh Khanna as Karan, a spoiled rich brat, and Hema Malini as Lata, a simple girl. The love story is tragic. Above all, viewers appreciated the chemistry and storyline between Karan and Lata.

Satte pe Satta:

This is a comical drama of seven brothers. The oldest was Ravi played by Amitabh Bachchan. They have a very unruly and unsophisticated lifestyle. Despite that, Hema Malini as Indu falls in love with Ravi. Although, Ravi tricks her into believing that he has only one brother. The reality is revealed after their marriage. Indu tries to bring order to the brothers’ lifestyle. In addition, there is a plot twist in the end.

The Burning Train:

This movie is an action thriller starring Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna. Hema Malini plays the role of Seema. She marries Vinod played by Vinod Khanna. However, Vinod is obsessed with building a super train. Although, this spoils his marriage with Seema. Further, the train catches fire and it is a Bollywood version of Mission Impossible.


Finally, the movie called Baghban. This is one of the latest movies of Hema Malini. She plays the role of Pooja Malhotra a housewife with a big and happy family. Pooja is married to Raj Malhotra, a retired banker. The story depicts their children neglecting their parents. Besides, they split up the couple under the pretext of taking care of them.

Indeed, these are some of the best movies of Hema Malini. Which one is your favorite one from the list? Also, which other movies do you like? Tell us in the comment section. Undoubtedly, the list is long, after all, she is Bollywood’s Dream Girl.



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