Don’t Live With the Untreated STDs – Understand the Risk Associated With It


Based on the research done by various agencies in the US, the risk of STDs is on the rise and touched a record high of 2 million cases in 2016. The stats suggest that people are unaware of the risks associated with the STDs. It is important to create awareness to prevent STDs, stop them from further spreading and learn to get them treated systematically.

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The sooner you get the tests done, the better the treatment can be done and diagnosed early. You need to understand the importance of the treatment. People are scared about STD tests due to the social structure and stigma they associate STDs with. Hence, they prefer not to reveal the STDs and live with it. Here are a few consequences of not getting STDs disclosed.

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Infecting others

Even if you are using condoms or having safe sex, there are chances of infecting others and transmitting STDs. The HPV (human papillomavirus) can spread even if the condom is used since it does not provide complete protection.

Becoming infertile

If the curable STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are diagnosed but not treated on time, the pelvic inflammatory disease occurs in women which in turn leads to infertility. Obstruction of epididymis created by syphilis complications increases the risk of infertility in men.

 Endangering a pregnancy

There are different types of STDs which pose danger to the pregnant woman and her baby in the womb. Chlamydia infected pregnant woman has the risk of stillbirth, premature delivery or even getting a miscarriage. Severe eye infection is caused by Gonorrhea during vaginal delivery of the child from the mother. STDs such as herpes and syphilis can endanger the life of the newborn.

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HIV Infection

HIV infection increases with syphilis and herpes – the ulcerative disease. With the open sores, there are greater chances of spreading the infection to another person especially women and men who have internalized ulcers. 

HIV infection’s prime target is the CD4-T cells which are directly related to providing the immune system to the body. Moreover, the STD in the combination of HIV infection triggers an inflammatory response in the genitals. Viral shedding, in turn, increases the HIV infection in the cells and multiplies in numbers. 

HIV can be suppressed and prevent further transmission only if you start HIV therapy, but for that, you need to get STD tested.

Developing complications

If the STDs are left untreated, your immune system takes a heavy toll which will not be visible from outside. Untreated STDs are like termites – silent destroyers that chew the wood internally and destroy your furniture. It develops catastrophic complications in your body leading to severe damage to the parts of the body. Below are a few examples of the damages caused by untreated STDs.

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Syphilis – dementia, blindness, motor skill loss and damage to brain, heart, bones

HPV – anal cancer, cervical cancer

HIV – opportunistic infections, reduced life expectancy

Genital herpes – meningitis, bladder problems

Hepatitis B – liver cancer, cirrhosis

From the above, it becomes clear that timely STD screening and getting a proper diagnosis is very important. Living in ignorance will not only affect your body but your immediate well-wishers as well.