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Don’t Go By Everything That Trends In The Digital World


With the internet, the world has gone digital. Everything can be made easy and viral within a fraction of seconds with just a click away. No matter what message you want to convey to the society whether it’s for the betterment or something destructive, everything is possible through the Internet as it gives you the power to show or put up whatever you want. Despite cyber security being on alert, things have not been working so well in the recent times. People have been misusing the power of the digital world to get away with something that is a totally unacceptable behavior.

In the past, one such internet game that made news for all the wrong reasons was the “Blue whale challenge” which was supposed to be started in the year 2013 in the country Russia. The game was named as Blue whale challenge as it’s considered to be a whale’s nature to breach rules. News and speculations made this turn into a big time hoax by adding all unrealistic details.

Well the game goes  like this, the game admin who is also known as the curator is someone who will be approaching the participants through online site secretly giving a list of tasks to perform which includes some deadly tasks like carving a whale on their arms and showing off negative mood swings to friends and family making them look bad and disturbed before everyone. The total tasks given are said to be 50 in number. As per the game rules, the participants were to post comments on social media sites and perform the task. The game has taken lives of more than 30 people across the globe with its final task ‘suicide’.

Later, the Russian police have caught the developers of this particular game and they are now behind the bars. But the story didn’t end with this since the game got instant attention through online platforms, there have been several suicides across the globe and somehow they all got connected to the blue whale challenge increasing the death toll due to 130. But no one is sure whether a game like that exists. Was it really the cause of so many deaths or was it all a made up news as in any of the cases the police were not able to find any substantial evidence.This game is back in news and this time it is in India connecting the suicides of kids and teenagers across various cities.

It’s the power of the internet that is allowing us to spread the news and messages in a very speedy way without giving a second thought of whether it’s true or not. So think twice before you forward any such information through any applications. It’s fun to just forward such information, but some might really take it seriously.

The other app that made news in the recent times is Sarahah. The app came into the market and was viral over a short time. The app was developed with the intention for people to convey what they felt about others without mentioning the name in an anonymous way. The word Sarahah itself meant Honest in Arabic.The developer came up with this idea as it’s very difficult to give honest feedback on a person in this world as its taken in many ways. So they thought this as a forum where honest feedback can be given. While this excited everyone at the start, later this app was misused by thousands of people with responses that were no longer genuine but instead it paved a way to tell bad about someone else which brought down the self-morale of many people.

With the faster app installations in the start, now the app is been uninstalled by many users as they feel it’s no longer safer.

So make sure to know well about any news or information that you either speak, spread through word of mouth or something that you see through the digital platforms and spread them through shares. We need to know that while some can really get away from all these without being affected, while there is a section of people who fall prey to many such games, information, and messages leading to the increased number of suicides.

One advice for all the kids and teenagers out there is to stay limited on the internet and don’t get yourself drenched in this completely. One thing that you can do in a relaxed way and that’s totally safe for you is turn off your internet and have a comfortable sleep on your Centuary mattress.




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