DIY science experiments for kids and parents.


Kids are always curious about everything. Remember when you were a kid and asked so many questions? This holiday season if you are not travelling anywhere, why don’t you plan some activities with your kid(s). The schools have been closed for so long and they must be missing their friends and the fun too. This is the best opportunity to establish a parent-kid bond. Is there any way to do this with teaching them new things? Yes! Science Experiments. Here are DIY science experiments for kids and parents to do together.

Science Experiments are always fun. Some of them are kids friendly and can be done with kitchen ingredients.


This experiment is done with bleach, water, food colour and plastic cups. Take some water in a plastic cup and add some food colouring to it. Then add some bleach and make the water clear again.

How to ships float?

This experiment doesn’t require anything much. You can explain the concept of buoyancy by dropping different objects like stone, paper boats in the water. Don’t forget to tell your kid about the story of Archimedes

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Rain inside a jar.

You need a big, transparent jar. Fill this jar with hot water about one third of its height. Close the jar and place ice cubes on the lid. You can do this process to explain the concept of condensation, evaporation and water cycle.

Colourful flowers:

This one will take 1 to 2 days. You need white flowers for this experiment. Any white flower with stalk. Take at least three such flower and stand them in a glass. Add some water and put three different colours in the glass. Leave them for a while. Watch the flowers take respective colours in a day or two. You can tell your kids all about how plants take nutrients from the soil.


If you want your kid to understand the importance of biodegradable materials you must do the compost. Add kitchen waste in the soil and watch how it degrades over days. You can also add plastic and metal to show how it does not degrade.

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Toothpaste elephant:

This is very fun and interesting. But do remember it creates a lot of mess. You need to mix hydrogen peroxide with toothpaste, yeast and watch the froth rise up.

Plant in sunlight

One of the basic characteristics of living things is response to stimulus. Show that to your kid by keeping a potted plant in the shade. It will grow towards light. However, it will require some time.

Fire using microscope:

We all saw our teachers performing this experiment in class. Now it’s time to pass the knowledge of optics to your kids. Although, do take precautions against fire.

So, these are some of the DIY science experiments for kids and parents to do together. Have a fun learning and bonding session with your kids.