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Disease “X”: The latest deadly disease in the world could kill Millions says Scientists


There were many diseases that have been recorded as the Deadliest diseases in the world, such as Ebola, Zika but one such new illness which is completely unknown by people and are looked upon closely by the Scientists is the latest deadly disease in the world known as Disease ‘X’.

It has been added to the list of global epidemics that could kill nearly millions. Every year scientists with the WHO        (World Health Organisation) create a list of most likely diseases that can break out into a world disaster. Unlike the other diseases, it is not known what has caused latest deadly disease in the world ‘Disease X’ or how doctors tried to treat it.

Researchers added Disease X to recognize the truth that this deadly disease could start because of an illness that did not cause any problems before. This disease represents an international epidemic which could have been caused by a virus currently unknown to mankind.Scientists and WHO Adviser John Arne Rootingen said that it can be a disease that we have never seen before.The point here is to make sure we prepare and plan accordingly in terms of vaccines and tests.

People say that Disease X global alert could even be man-made. Fears are growing about the use of development of chemical weapons. Recently in Syria’s civil war bombs have been dropped on multiple occasions. There could also be another possibility that a nerve agent, created a lab where the targeted weapon made was used to attack Former Russian Spy Sergei and his daughter Yulia last week.

Around Last year police have confirmed in North Korea it is believed to have used the nerve agent VX to assassinate the half-brother of a dictator in Malaysia Airport

And closer to home, the police have confirmed that a nerve agent, probably created in a lab by state-sponsored scientists as a targeted weapon, was used to attack the former Russian spy Sergei and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury this week.

Last year North Korea is believed to have used the nerve agent VX to assassinate the half-brother of dictator Kim Jong-Un in an airport in a Malaysian airport. Scientists said that the man-made virus and diseases were very dangerous because humans could not find any resistance over time and go to countries before doctors could know what is the actual problem. There is also the possibility that this latest deadly disease in the world could come from the natural world, just as Spanish Flu or HIV. As the world develops the animal and human contact is turning out to be much greater.

Proven killers such as Zija or SARS (severe acute Respiratory Syndrome) caught the entire world population in surprise when they came up and killed thousands before there was a cure.The World Health Organisation hopes of adding a Disease X to the list which will pull researchers and scientists to redouble their efforts to enable protections and vaccines against different other diseases.

Almost 100 years ago there was a Spanish Flu that swept the world, killing almost 100 million people. But here the good news is it can be prevented. The bad news is we are still not sure what it is said, Scientists.








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