Smokey Eyes & Its Types – Some Easy Techniques for Creating Different Types of Smokey Eyes


The smoky eyes can be perfect for a makeup look that is a signature and creates an impact. However, for creating a Smokey eye, the correct technique and the right occasion are critical factors. This particular eye makeup can be very tricky and can also lead to disaster if not done properly.

Black Smokey Eye


For the black smokey eye, black eyeshadow has to be applied on the eyelid as a base. The waterline of the eyes including the upper and the lower line has to be lined with kohl. Ultimately, the Kohl has to be blended with the eyeshadow to get a smudged look.

Cara Delevingne Style

This is a more intense version of the black smokey eye. Here, the eyeliner has to be darkened at the crease. Moreover, the kohl on the lower waterline has to be smudged completely. The look is completed with a coat of mascara.

Golden Smokey Eye


For this glittery makeup look, a metallic bronze or golden eyeshadow has to be applied on the eyelid. Then, it is necessary to go over the base with more glitter. The eye shadow and the glitter need to be blended into the crease. Ultimately, black or dark brown eyeshadow can be used in the crease to blend the sharp lines. The look can be completed with eyeliner and mascara.

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Purple Smokey Eye


The purple smokey eye look is colorful. For this look, a mauve eye shadow may be applied as the base. At the corners, the waterline can be lined with kohl or eyeliner on both the upper as well as the lower lines. Ultimately, a darker shade of violet or purple eye shadow can be applied at the crease to blend in the sharp lines and complete the look.

Bronze Smokey Eye

For this look, a bronze eye shadow can be used on the upper eyelid as well as the lower eyelid. A brown eyeliner or kohl can be used to line both the waterlines. The Kohl can be blended with the eye shadow. For finishing the look, a golden eye shadow can be applied at the corners of the eye.

Silver Smokey Eye


The silver smokey eye can be difficult to achieve. For this look, it is necessary to apply silver eyeshadow all over the eyelid till the crease. At the crease, black eye shadow can be used to blend the harsh lines. Ultimately, black eyeliner and kohl can be used to make the eyes look full.

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Blue Smokey Eye


For this type of smokey eyes, black eyeliner is used to line the eyes. It is smudged on the upper eyelid. Metallic blue eye shadow can be applied over the smudged black liner. The crease can be blended using silver eye shadow.

Cranberry Smokey Eyes

The upper eyelid can be filled in with cranberry colored eye shadow. The crease can be combined with golden or orange eye shadow, and the eyeliner has to be extended for a proper effect.

Green Smokey Eye


For a green smokey eye, the eye has to be lined with dark black kohl. Green eyeshadow has to be applied on the lids till the crease and then blended. Black eye shadow can be implemented at the base, and the golden or silver eye shadow may be used to mix in the corners of the eyes.

Black and Gold Smokey Eye

For this look, golden eyeshadow has to be applied all over the eyelids. The black eyeliner applied on the upper waterline should be extended elaborately and then smudged to fill in the corner and the crease and then blend.

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Pink Grey Smokey Eye


For this look, pink eye shadow for the base, Grey for the crease and black eyeliner for the waterline is used.

Brown Smokey Eye

Nude brown eye shadow can be blended with a black eyeliner for this look.

Neon Smokey Eye


Neon shades of eye shadow can be used with the black eyeliner to create this particular look that will make you stand out in any crowd.

Tiger Print Smokey Eye


Black spots can be made on, yellow eye shadow and blended with black eyeliner.

Maroon Smokey Eye


Maroon can be an unusual color for a smokey eye, but if you are feeling experimental, you can give it a try to get an intense look.

The Tools Used

Smokey eyes can be tough to create. Some of the primary tools for the perfect smokey eye are the smudging brush and mascara. So if you are planning on doing something like this don’t forget to keep these items handy!