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What are the different types of Oncologists?


Every part of the medical department as per the Oncology journal, we see in the hospitals refers back to their origination from a specific medical science where the subject area is studied in detail and practically tried out in order to assist the patients (inpatients and outpatients).

According to the Cancer Science Journal, Cancer is considered to be one of the deadly disease as millions of people across the globe are getting affected due to the same out of which thousands of lives are lost every year.There are different types of Cancers and few of them are predictable based on the hereditary factors. Doctors and medical scientist are still finding out ways to know what is the exact cause of Cancer. In other words, they are really not sure why the abnormal cells multiply in huge number bringing down the immunity of a healthy person by killing the normal cells. The physician who specializes this area is referred as an “Oncologist”. We have an oncologist who specializes in different aspects of the study and treat patients accordingly. For example, if you have visited an Oncologist for yourself or your closed ones, you see a group of doctors who assist in taking the right decision through your main point of contact or your preferred doctor is only one.

Per the Oncology journal, it covers three major fields namely Medical, Surgical, and Radiation.

  • In the medical field, here the doctor specializes in the initial diagnosis, observes the patient’s condition and treats him or her with a chemotherapeutic treatment after a check on all the patient reports. Chemo treatment is given here in order to shrink the size of tumor so that later they can operate and remove it if possible.
  • In the Surgical stage, after giving the Chemo treatment a surgery is done to remove the complete tumor cells or at least in the worst case scenario just remove the partial one as much as possible so that the patient can be a bit relaxed when it comes to pains and suffering.
  • In the radiation field, cancer affected area is marked and radiation is exposed on a limited scale in order to kill away the abnormal cells. The disadvantage over here is that when the abnormal cells are killed, in the same process it leads to the destruction of the normal functioning cells as well.

No matter how well the treatment is done and taken care as per Cancer Science Journal, during the process the patient immunity is affected to a great extent that they become completely weak.

The different branches in Oncologist areas below. We have so many due to the reason that a person can get cancer at any part of the body. The common ones include in the below branch.

  • The first one is a gynecologic oncologist. Here the oncologist treats cancer-related to Uterine or Cervical area.
  • The second one is Pediatric Oncologist where the oncologist treats cancer in children. As Children are more sensitive, special care is taken by these doctors to make sure the kids are doing well at every point of the time.
  • We hope the above information has helped you out in order to know more about oncology and its science.

Stay aware and have regular check-up’s so that you don’t need to go through the pain and suffering.




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