Deadliest Cyber Attack in History strikes web host GitHub


Cyber Attacks have become a menace and a Huge threat to the society, especially in the IT field. Protocols are being put in order to avoid such attacks, nevertheless, there were many deadly cyber Attacks in the world that were recorded in the last few years.The recent news that has left most of the industry in shock is the Deadliest Cyber Attack that had taken place on the web-host GitHub.

Github The Webhost

GitHub, on the other hand, has a total of around 20 million online users, which are mainly used for open-source coding projects. It has one of the largest hosts of source code in the world.

GitHub is recorded as the largest cyber-attack ever known in history.

Earlier this week the web hosting service had revealed this cyber attack.The firm confirmed that it had been subjected to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber attack on February 28 where it was last recorded. This Deadliest cyber attack is A DDoS attack which is mainly designed to attack websites with enough traffic to put them offline.


Ddos Acctack on Github

GitHub later disclosed, that the attackers took over a memory system known as ‘memcache’ and escalated the complete volume of that data by 51,000 times which was way beyond imagination.According to the blog posted This means that every byte of data which was sent by the attacker, there was almost 51KB sent to the target. The most astonishing news was that the traffic hitting the platform at 1.35 TB per second at its peak level.

Deadliest Cyber Attack ever seen in History of Web

The Blog also stated that the attack derived from over a thousand different autonomous systems across tens of thousands of eccentric endpoints.During this incident they had sought help from Akamai, that was a cloud service provider, which had taken over some of its traffic and provided additional network capacity. The attack almost took place for the whole 8min, at no point there was any risk for the customer’s data.

DDoS attacks have been seen in most of the cyber-attack on Web hosts.

There was another similar attack which was another latest cyber-attack that was caused due to D Dos that occurred last month when the website of the national tax office in the Netherlands had gone completely offline. The DDoS attack had aimed the country’s largest banks like ABN Amro and ING.

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Github has the largest hosts of source code

A Github user Bret stated that because of this Deadliest cyber attack, the attackers that had attacked GitHub seem almost treasonous.More likely it could be Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or Go daddy could be behind this open source attack, as stated by the user. Moreover, because GitHub is a host for really great open source projects that overthrew paid competition completely.According to one of the posts earlier by a social observer where he stated that GitHub hosting is not only an open source code but also private codes too.

All the more reason to be worried because some companies can lose their real-time websites for good if this could be real hacking. DOD is causing temp out of reach issue although can put some out of business too if it takes too long to mitigate it.Many people say it could be Chinese hackers who are completely behind this hideous attack.

To stop the misuse completely, DDoS contributors like Cloud flare are persuading the admins of the memcached servers to firewall them or make sure they disable part of their features.

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