David Cameron To Step Down As PM In October


Through a historic poll on Friday, the 24th day of June, Britain decided to leave the European Union and embark on a new path which has created a revolution across the globe. However, the decision of the British Prime Minister David Cameron to step down in October is another surprise. According to the British Prime Minister, the country requires new faces and fresh people in leadership roles. The crux of the matter is that the Prime Minister of Britain will only stay for another three to four months as a result of the historic Brexit vote. Although the world awaits the consequences of the Brexit vote, the decision of the Prime Minster has already surfaced in front and has created a stir.

Reaction from other leaders

As a matter of fact, the entire world has strongly reacted to the news and the leaders of different countries have said that the UK intends to walk on a different path and is making preparations for the same. Now the question that needs to be answered immediately is the new face which will rule Britain and what changes the country can expect during the next few months. Whether the fresh leadership can bring any change in Britain that resonate with the historical decision is another thing but the entire decision is expected to follow the trail of events that take place during the next few months.

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Meaning of referendum

What exactly is the historic referendum and the changes and which people have voted to bring the UK back into the action? The truth is that the nearly all the people that have attained voting age have participated in this poll and over thirty million people have participated in this historic poll. Although England and Wales have voted strongly towards this decision to leave the European Union which has come into effect, Northern Ireland and Scotland have backed out which did not have much impact on the consequences of voting.

The European Union comprises of twenty-eight European countries and the set up was to foster economic co-operation between the countries that are part of this large partnership. With this union, goods and commodities could move freely across the countries with little or no restriction. Similar to Grexit in which Greece decided to leave the European Union, Brexit is the decision of Britain to form its own identity.

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Decision of the Prime Minister

The decision of the British Prime Minister to leave his position may have consequences that are still to come to the forefront but the Prime Minster has stated that he will explain the decision of the people of Britain to express their voices through the historic referendum. On the one hand, this decision of UK has created the largest setback in the financial market, on the other hand, it can pick steam at any time due to its volatile nature.

Voice of the Prime Minster

According to the views of the British Prime Minister, he has urged the people to respect the decision of the people that have voted in favor of UK deciding to leave the European Union. He went on to say further that Britain faced no encumbrances in the European Union and the people of this country felt safe about their existence in the European Union but the decision of the people to leave the European Union is equally transparent. Although he will continue as the Prime Minister for the next three months but will resign in October stating that the country is in need of a face that can take Britain to a new platform with respect to the decision of the country to agree to leave the European Union.

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Overview of Brexit

In fact, the decision to leave the European Union has come as a pleasant surprise to many people, the financial consequences of this decision will be far-reaching and the country will experience the changes soon. However, the major financial institutions of the country are working together closely to find out how the matters can be settled in a seamless manner without going into many hassles.

The decision of the Prime Minster to step down is yet to be interpreted and it might just be another step to resurrect the nation with new thoughts and ideologies that can be brought to effect with new faces. Whatever it may be, the world has certainly witnessed a major change with this move of Britain to exit the European Union although the decision of the European Union lose another member country may not have been more profound and revolutionary in the real sense.