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Credit Card Customer Care – How to make the most of it?


Every bank has a toll-free hotline to call if you have any questions, problems, or feedback about online credit cards or their services. The credit card customer care service numbers embossed on the backside of a credit card are the primary point of contact for any credit cardholder. In most circumstances, the phone numbers are dedicated to credit card-related services and should be called first.

If these numbers do not respond, cardholders can go to the bank’s website and look for toll-free customer service lines and other numbers relating to the issue at hand. For each service, some banks provide a different customer support number. When compared to calling common numbers, calling a dedicated helpline will offer greater results.

How to make Credit Card Payment?

The Internet has made banking a lot easier. Almost all Indian banks offer Internet Banking, while some others use third-party bill payment services to offer online credit card payment options.

There are several ways to pay your credit card bill online, as listed below.

  • Banking through the Internet
  • Online money transfer using NEFT/RTGS
  • Method of IMPS
  • BillDesk is a service that allows you to pay bills online.
  • Auto-debit service
  • Wallets and payment systems for mobile devices

Offline Credit Card Payment Methods

If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can make a credit card payment using one of the offline ways. There are other non-internet options for paying your online credit card bill listed below.

  • By contacting credit card customer care service.
  • By going into a bank and withdrawing money from an ATM.
  • Credit card payments made over the counter.
  • Using a cheque or a demand draft.

How to Contact Credit Card Customer Care?

Banks give customer support to credit cardholders for their convenience. If you have any issues with your credit card, you can contact the bank’s customer service department for assistance. You can call the number for payment troubles, misplaced cards, or reward questions. Alternatively, you may send an email from your registered email address. The customer service numbers and email addresses of banks that offer the best credit cards are included in the table below.

BankCustomer care numberE-mail address
HDFC1800 266 4332customerservice.cards@hdfcbank.com
ICICI1860 120 7777infosecfeedback@icicibank.com
SBI1800 425 3800epg.cms@sbico.in
IndusInd1860 500 5004reachus@indusind.com
Axis1860 419 5555creditcards@axisbank.com
Canara1800 425 0018hocancard@canarabank.com
Citi1860 210 2484head.customercare@citi.com
Corporation1800 22 6606hoccd@corpbank.co.in
PNB1800 180 2345creditcardpnb@pnb.co.in
Syndicate1800 208 3333syndcare@syndicatebank.co.in
Bank Of Baroda1800 225 100ccb@bobcards.com
Kotak Mahindra1860 266 0811customercare.cards@kotak.com
Union Bank Of India1800 208 2244customercare@unionbankofindia.com
Bank Of India1800 220 088boi.customercare@oberthur.com
Federal Bank1800 425 1199contact@fedralbank.co.in
Vijaya Bank1800 425 9992cardsupport@vijayabank.co.in
YES Bank1800 103 1212yestouch@yesbank.in
Central Bank Of India1800 22 1991complaints@centralbank.co.in
Dhanlaxmi Bank1800 425 1747customer.compliant@dhanbank.co.in
Allahabad Bank1800 572 2000customercare@allahabadbank.in
Indian Bank1800 425 4422creditcard@indianbank.co.in
Bank Of Maharashtra1800 233 4526cmcustomerservice@mahabank.co.in
DCB Bank1800 123 5363customercare@dcbbank.com
Jammu And Kashmir Bank1800 180 0234grievance.creditcards@jkbnail.com
Oriental Bank Of Commerce1800 102 1235complaint@obc.co.in
IDBI1800 209 4324idbicards@idbi.co.in
Andhra Bank1800 425 1515customerser@andhrabank.co.in
Indian Overseas Bank1800 425 7744creditcard@iobnet.co.in
American Express1800 208 1223phishing@americanexpress.co.in

Wrapping Up

If you are unable to reach customer service by phone for some reason, you can utilise the banks’ e-mail and SMS services to express your concerns. To learn about the e-mail IDs and SMS formats, and numbers associated with credit card requests and services, go to the respective bank’s website.
Customers can also escalate an issue to the next level officer if a specific concern is not handled. According to RBI standards, every bank has a grievance resolution system in place, which allows credit card customers to escalate concerns to the greatest level feasible until the issue is resolved.



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