Confused About Masks? Here’s What You Need to Know


With the outspread of Coronavirus pandemic, wearing masks has become the ‘new normal’ for everyone. The World Health Organization (WHO) advised wearing face masks in a bid to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 virus. The impact of such recommendations can be witnessed across the globe, with most people wearing a mask when in public and grocery stores following the ‘No Mask – No Entry’ rule. 

No doubt, face masks have become an essential commodity in our daily lives. Offering protection against air pollution and now the harmful Coronavirus, masks play a pivotal role in keeping us safe and healthy. The question is, have you figured out what type of masks to buy? 

From Coronavirus N95 masks, surgical masks to respirators, you can find a variety of masks both offline and online. Before you buy a mask, you must know how to select the right type of mask for you and your loved ones. 

Here are a few pointers you must consider while buying a mask:

1. Check the Material It is Made With

Cloth masks, home-made masks, surgical masks, and more, you’ll find a plethora of options available. But not all masks are capable of helping you fight against the novel Coronavirus disease. The reason behind it is the difference in the material used to make them up. Each material has a specific pore size that acts as a filtration barrier for germs and pollutants. 

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It simply means that the pore size of a mask should be small enough to prevent the flow of harmful Coronavirus, with certain specifications such as a diameter order of 60-140nm. You can easily find such Coronavirus N95 masks that are capable of protecting against this virus.

What is more important is that you know about the different mask materials to make an informed decision. 

2. Consider Health Condition

An individual’s immunity to fight against diseases acts as a shield for protection during these pandemic times. This immunity shrinks when you have pre-existing illnesses, like hypertension, diabetes, or respiratory illness. It reduces further as you get older. It implies that a mask which is suitable for a teenager may not work equally well for the elderly. 

So, you must keep in mind the health condition of wearer before buying a mask. Alongside, it will help if you work on improving the immunity by adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as eating right and performing physical exercises regularly.

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Particularly for people having breathing issues, wearing Coronavirus N95 mask is highly essential as it can offer protection against the virus. 

3. Assess Your Vulnerability

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed in India, you must have started going out in public for work and other personal needs. Yet, you cannot compromise with safety, so,  you must follow all precautionary measures, including proper sanitation practices and always wearing a Coronavirus N95 mask when outdoors. 

The choice of mask should be based on how frequent you come in contact with people around you. For instance, if you run a grocery store, you must be witnessing a heavy footfall in your store. Even if you follow measures like sanitizing customers’ hands and checking their body temperature at the store entrance, you should wear a good quality Coronavirus N95 mask. The same mask can be used if you work in an office environment. 

Make sure you go out in public only when it is urgent and highly needed. Otherwise, it would be best to stay at home. 

4. Consider Brand Reputation

Last but not least, you must check the reputation of the brand selling masks online and offline. In business, it takes time to have a loyal customer base that only look for some specific products. By checking a brand’s reputation amongst the buyers, you will get to know what others think of its products, including Coronavirus N95 masks. 

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Take the case of Nirvana Being – a brand that is widely known to sell the best quality masks with advanced filtration efficiency. Their exclusive range of Airific masks is globally certified for 96% viral filtration efficiency. These masks also have high ‘capture index’ and can be confidently worn when going out.

Remember, the battle against COVID-19 is still on. While the frontline healthcare workers are working hard for us all, you should do your bit by limiting your exposure to the virus. Also, make sure you know about the reusability and life-cycle of Coronavirus N95 masks before you buy them. By wearing the right type of masks, you not only protect yourself but others as well.