Home Health A Complete Guide to Treat Tailbone Pain through Home Remedies

A Complete Guide to Treat Tailbone Pain through Home Remedies


If you experience pain in your lower back while you sit down or you stand up. You feel the pain even while having bowel movements then probably you are suffering from tailbone pain. The area that lies at the bottom of your spine is the site of your tailbone or coccyx. Then pain in the tailbone area called as coccydynia in medical terms. The pain occurs due to the inflammation of the bone for which you experience pain and tenderness.

The Best Home Treatment to get rid of Tailbone pain

Tailbone Pain Home Remedies

There is a possibility of developing tailbone pain if you work sitting in one position or standing for a long time. Other common causes for tailbone injuries can be falling and hitting your back on the hard surface, or a direct hit on the tailbone while playing, the repetitive motion use in sports like bowling and cycling. Even pregnancy can also be a reason.

Though the problem is not so alarming, it can affect one’s quality of life and frustrate the patient. It is better to avoid that painful experience. Before going to any therapist, you can try the remedies at home to give you some relief. Home Remedies to Treat Tailbone pain come handy without much expenses and side effects

Easy Tips to follow to get Relief from Tailbone pain

Try some remedies at home before you visit a doctor. Home Remedies to Treat Tailbone pain will definitely give you some relief. Here are few tips to be considered, the foremost thing ladies have to do is to bid adieu to their all favorite high heels till you recover from the pain, avoid high heels and make a habit of wearing flat surface footwear.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes; avoid wearing tight jeans which can put pressure on your tailbone area. If you have a habit of sleeping on soft sponge mattress, then you have to quit that habit too and replace it with hard mattress. Avoid putting pressure on your back while sleeping; try to sleep sideways or on your tummy.

Do not sit for long hours, take a break every 1 hour and walk around. It is also applicable for standing for a long time also. Try maintaining a proper BMI as the tailbone has to bear that extra weight and gradually it affects adversely.

Discover Home Remedies for the Tailbone Pain

Apply an Ice pack on the affected area. Wrap a towel ice pack on your waist for 20 minutes and repeat it for three times a day. While sitting, be careful of your posture; try to sit upright, with your neck straight. Use Cushions which are specially made for patients suffering from tailbone pain. Sit upright, with your core engaged, your neck straight, and your back slightly arched. Such special cushion comes with a cut underneath the tailbone.

This kind of cushions ensures to keep your tailbone safe. Not only for getting relief from this pain but for an overall healthy body and mind, it is important to indulge in healthy eating habits. Eating food rich in fiber helps the bowel movement easy to avoid strain. Doctors suggest getting some nice massage and getting some relief from pain.

The practice of yoga asanas to get wonderful results

Home Remedies to Treat Tailbone pain also include Exercise and yoga. Involve yourself in exercise for few minutes every day to get some relief from pain. By doing few exercises, you can release stress from the muscles around coccyx.

Stretching exercise like hand to feet stretch, Piriformis stretch, simply involve in walking, it will also provide you some relief. Try to involve in leg exercises and anal lock exercises. These exercises are very effective and will definitely give you relief from pain. Yoga also has so many benefits for your overall health without any side effects. Try Shalabhasana and Ardha Shalabhasana.

They are the best yoga asanas for strengthening the muscles of the back and gives the flexibility to back muscles and spine. Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose) is also considered to be very helpful. Try these remedies today to get some relief. Home treatment for tailbone pain is very exclusive care. You will get a pain free life and enjoy the home care treatment without any adverse effects.



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