Best 15 Fashion Trends For College Girls


Fashion brings freshness to life. Fashion evolves, fashion originates, fashion changes, fashion comes and goes with time but what remains constant is our desire to look fashionable.

Everyone loves to look fashionable and wishes to create their style statement. But the college students have constant pressure to stick by the trends and look fashionable in their regular college outfits.

Here are the top 15 fashion trends for college going girls.


1. Monochrome

Often people think that monochromatic means dressing up in black and white which is completely a misconception.  Mono stands for one/ single and chromatic means color.

Now you might think picking up a single color for dressing up might be boring, but here lies the trick. You have the chance to play with the different color tones of a particular color.

You can use different shades of the same color to create a completely brand new look.

2. Pastel Shades

To select pastel shades for clothing leaves a soothing impact behind. The pastel shades are eye-pleasing and give out a fresh look. Pastel shades are perfect for summer, it gives out a cooling effect.

College students can easily rely on pastel shades to look fashionable and it makes them look different from the rest.

Pastel top with denim or another kind of bottoms, pastel dress, or wearing different pastel colors for the top and the bottom will do the work easily.

3. Neon Colour

The neon color looks really playful. It changes the entire game of your attire. How? The vibrant colors have the power to draw all the attention on you. A neon top or a neon bottom or an entire neon dress can be a head-turner.

Do you fear that you might end up looking too loud to handle? Don’t worry there is a way out. You can add any neon element to your boring attire to spice up the game.

For example a pair of neon yellow heels with a basic grey outfit. Or a neon bag on a denim jumpsuit, this technique will help you to stand out in the crowd with a splash of color yet keeping it simple.

4. Solid Colours

Some times less is more. You can also slay with solid colors as well. Solid colors are simple but have various scopes for styling. There are fewer chances of distractions in solid colors.

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you can team up a solid colored top with denim or a printed bottom, or can go for some layering, paring a solid colored dress with a blazer can lift up the look. There are many other ways of styling as well.

You can belt your solid colored dress or add up a printed scarf to break the monotony.


5. Strips

Stripes have been the pattern of the season. It is one of the patterns which is at the top of the trending list. Many celebs have been spotted wearing stripes. Stripes are appropriate for youngsters to catch the pace of fashion. Vertical stripes can play with your eyesight.

Vertical stripes add linearity to the body, it gives a slim effect to your body structure. Those who are conscious about their body type they can surely go for vertical stripes.

There are many kinds of stripes apart from horizontal and vertical stripes. Now comes the question of styling. Stripes can be styled in many ways.

Stripes on solid colors, stripes colors, stripes on stripes. Two stripped pieces of different patterns can also be styled together and it gives out a great look altogether.

6. Animal Prints

Animal prints are never out of trend.  People of any age group can carry it. Be it a party or any regular day animal print never loses its relevance.

Animal print tops, dresses, jackets, bottoms have great demand. Even animal print accessories like bag, belt shoe scarf, or even a hat can give a new look to your boring basic outfit.

An animal print element in your attire will make people think that you have put a lot of effort to style yourself. Whereas in reality, you have done nothing, all credit goes to the Animal prints.


Floral prints are not new, it has been in fashion for years, still, it managed to be trendy enough to be the favorite of the girls. Floral prints give out a feminine vibe.

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The prints of flowers are very refreshing. You don’t have to worry much about your accessories, your floral print dress will do all the work all alone, plus the bright and colorful characters of the fabric is nothing but icing on the cake.

You can flaunt your basic top with a floral print skirt or a bottom, you can also add a floral print jacket on it or perhaps a floral print scarf might do your work. There are multiple ways to style your floral printed attire.

8. Graffiti

Graffiti looks extremely fashionable on youngsters. It gives out an enthusiastic and artistic vibe. The bold and colorful patterns used in graffiti enhances the uniqueness of the dress.

Girls of any body type can go for a graffiti dress or top without having a second thought. A piece of Graffiti in your wardrobe proves how trendy and fashion-conscious you are. So graffiti is a must!


9. Crop Top

Crop top is a basic yet a modern way to style up your simple outfit.  It can be used as a party wear  or as a casual daily wear. Crop tops  are perfect  for the youngsters. You can team up your crop top with a high waist jeans or skirts. Crop tops looks stylish and trendy anytime , anywhere.

10. Knot It Up

Here is another  style to wear your regular top. All you have to do is tie a knot at the bottom. Just a single knot changes the entire look of the top. Though it is not something new but surely it is trendy. It gives a shape to the waist. Tying a knot  at the bottom changes the outfit from basic to trendy. This look is perfect for youngsters and vloggers in their fashion videos also use this style very often.

11. Sheer Top

Sheer tops are equally suitable for casual wear and party wear. Your sense of styling can change the entire essence of a sheer top. The transparency of the fabric is a unique factor.

You can style a sheer top with a vibrant colored tank top inside. Sheer tops give you chances to play with your style and fashion.

12. Sequin Top

Sequin tops are one of a kind. They are trendy and perfect for a party. If you wear a sequin top then you can surely steal the light of the party. Sequin tops are really gorgeous and you don’t need to play much with such kind of a top.

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The bottom should be simple while styling a sequin top because too many patterns might spoil the outfit. So while styling a sequin top we have to keep the rest minimal.


There are few trending ways to style Indian attires like Kurti, which is comfortable to wear and have a huge demand among the youngsters

13. Kurti With Jeans/Palazzo OR Dhoti Pants

jeans and kurti is very popular among the college going students. It looks classy and smart. Easy to carry and trendy.

 On the other hand palazzo and dhoti pants changes the look of the Kurti completely. They totally give out an Indian vibe. Easily wearable in any functions, wedding, or other Indian ceremonies. These combinations look extremely fashionable and stylish.

14. Kurti With Skirt

This is another trendy pair that every girl should try once. It gives a beautiful flow to the body and makes one look taller.



Be it a denim jacket or a denim shirt, denim dress or denim trousers, our love for denim is immeasurable. It is always in trend and can be styled in many ways.

We can not leave our types of denim until our denim leaves us, then we will surely rush to the store to get a brand new one!

We have surely tried most of the above-mentioned trends at some point or the other. If you have missed any of the styles then hurry up and try it.  Don’t stop to look fashionable and trendy. Keep the fire of fashion in your burning!