Cocktails for Party: 15 Drinks that you can serve


Throwing a party? Wanna jazz it up a bit? Try these cocktails. Parties can be a tough time for the host with the pressure of entertaining everyone. It’s a question of your image, you can’t let that go wrong. A great cocktail range is therefore a must. Here are 15 cocktails for the party.


Like City, Like Cocktail. This is one of the most chic drinks. This drink originated in Manhattan in a 1870s banquette thrown by Winston Churchill’s mother. Its ingredients are sweet vermouth and whiskey.

Whiskey Sour

Who doesn’t know this drink? You should always have one drink that is enjoyed by everyone. This is it. The creamy tart cocktail is familiar to everyone and easy to make out of some whiskey, lemon juice and sugar. Egg whites are optional.


Want people to have fun at your party? Margaritas are a must for a booze night. Nothing gets this party started as tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur.

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Tom Collins

Want something easy and yet classy because you are running out of time? Here’s a drink from Father of Mixology. Add 25ml of lemon juice, 50ml of gin, 125ml of soda water, 25ml of sugar syrup and some ice.


Don’t let the complex name scare you. If you cannot afford different cocktails yet want people to have a choice, then make some Daiquiri. It is made of Rum, Sugar and any citrus fruit. You can have options by using different fruits.


Want something high class? This one is very unique. It is perfect for a winter party as bourbon whiskey, sweet red vermouth and Campari will warm everyone up.


Hosting a beach or summer bash? Where are the mojitos? This drink has the added advantage that it can also have a virgin variety for the non-drinkers.


Sweet, Sour and Citrusy drink! Its key ingredients are 3 parts of Cointreau, 6 parts cognac and some lemon.

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French 75

A mixture of classic French champagne and some gin with lemon and sugar. It suits elegant balls and the quite parties.


The shocking pink colour is very attractive. It is made of vodka, cranberry juice lime and triple sec.

Dry Martini

This drink is for the newcomers. If you are hosting a cocktail party for the first time, you should include this drink in your list.

Old Fashioned

Quite a drink to make! You will need 6 parts bourbon, sugar cubes, and Angostura bitters. There can be variety by using soda and water. Orange peels are optional.


Again a drink with varieties. You can mix the gin base with champagne or water. It is much like mojito with lime juice and mint leaves.

Aperol Spritz

You will never get this drink wrong even if you can get the ratios right. You will find it different yet appeasing at each ratio.

So, these are some of the cocktails to try at your next party. You will need a good cocktail shaker and glasses for a cocktail party as prerequisites.