How to Clean Makeup Brushes?


The makeup brushes are the part and parcel of a grooming kit which should be clean all the time. Too much use of the brushes tends to make them stiff and contaminated with different kind of makeup colors. In order to get a proper makeup, the brushes must be regularly cleaned in order to get the right tone on your face. Here you can get a hand-on idea on how to clean makeup brushes:

Cleaning Brushes That Are Lightly Soiled

  • First, you have to check whether you have used the brush for a powder base or a cream base. The cream does not leave the bristles easily and needs to be cleaned deeply. The powder ones can be dusted and cleaned.


  • Do not use overheated water. It will damage the integrity of the bristles.
  • Add a teaspoon of light soap or baby shampoo in the lukewarm water kept in a small bowl. Keep the level of the water very low so that you cannot dip the entire brush.
  • Keep the bristles under lightly-warmed water. Check whether the water does not touch the base of the brush and maintain the integrity of the glue. Rinse the bristles under water properly to clean deeply.
  • Swirl the brush in the shampoo solution gently. Gently massage the bristles with fingers to loosen the dirt or makeup.
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  • Use a soft towel to rub the bristles dry and gently squeeze them to remove the hidden moisture inside.
  • Pull the displaced bristles gently to bring them back to their original position.
  • Fluff the brush until it is completely dry.

Cleaning Heavily Dirty Brush

  • This is the procedure to clean deeply soiled cream-based brushes. The creams are normally oil-based applications for grooming. This is why water and shampoo will not do the trick.

Cleaning Heavily Dirty Brush

  • Pour a drop of light oil like olive oil on a napkin or a light paper towel. Run the bristles of the brush gently on the oil drop. The brush should not be dipped in the oil to loosen the dirt.
  • The next step is to apply lukewarm water. Tilt the brush downward so that the bristles do not face the water directly. Rinse the dirty bristles gently under water. Rinse until the old makeup dirt is removed.
  • Overheated water will damage the softness of the bristles. Do not heat the water too much. Try to dip the bristles and avoid dipping the handle. The glue that holds the bristles together might get loosened due to the heat and water.
  • This time you have to use baby shampoo but not in the water. Pour three to four drops of baby shampoo or liquid mild soap o your hand.
  • Dip the wet bristles in the drop of the shampoo and swirl properly until the action produces lather. The light lather will eventually change color from white to the hidden makeup color. The circular motion of the bristles will loosen the dirt hiding deep inside the brush. The motion will not leave the bristles away from the skin.
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  • After continuous swirling of the bristles in the shampoo on your palm, it is time to wash it again in lukewarm water in the same way. This time you have to use your fingers to rinse the brushes gently.
  • Massage the bristles gently and remove the lather of the shampoo along with the dirt from the bristles. Check repeatedly and avoid the water touching the base of the bristles.
  • Continue rinsing the bristles until and unless the water coming out of the brush is clean and transparent.
  • Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the water, take the brush and roll it softly on a clean towel. It is better to gently and partly fold the towel around the brush so that the cleaning process is more efficient.


  • The bristles are almost dry. The shape and integrity of the bristles will be disturbed. You need to bring them back in proper shape by gently pressing them and straighten them.
  • Keep the brush flat without any support on the bristles to keep them straight.
  • Fluff the bristles when they are perfectly dry in order to separate few of them sticking together. Simple flicks or gentle running of the fingers on the bristles will do the trick.
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Do not even try to use a hair dryer or iron them under a cloth. The extra heat will kill the softness of the bristle fibers. This is how you clean your makeup brushes properly without damaging them.