Choose the perfect hair dryer for your hair


Taking care of your hair will require time and attention, as well as certain tools. One of the most common ones. Whether you only need to dry your hair, or you are planning more complex hairstyles, a hair dryer is something that every person must own.

Even if you are on a budget, there are plenty of models on the market and you should be able to find something that has all the features that you want.

The features

You budget will probably also determine how complex your hair dryer will be. For example, if you are ready to invest more money you can get something that has the technology to keep your hair healthy. The classic plastic hair dryers are not that popular nowadays, and people who want a better experience for their hair choose tourmaline ceramic or porcelain ceramic so their hair will be protected. These materials will emit negative ions and the moisture will be locked in.

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The best hair dryer is the one that has all the things that you need. For example, you will need to choose the heat settings that you want for it. Some hair dryers come with both hot, warm and cool air, while others might have only some of these. You can really see the difference between a regular hair dryer that will use a moderate temperature, while a professional one will have a bigger heat potential, as well as air flow.

The power of a hair dryer is another important aspect. You might want something that is more powerful if you are buying the hair dryer for a salon like experience. In this cases the power will be somewhere between 1900 watts and 2400 watts.

If you want a regular hair dryer to use at home you can choose something that has between 1200 and 1800 watts. There is also a weaker version, under 1200 watts, which is represented by small compact models. While those models might appear weak, they are ideal for travelling and you can easily take them around.

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Usually the heater and the fan are the ones that share the power and it is really important that you choose the right wattage. While using a lot of heat might make things faster and you will be able to style your hair right away, this might not be the best version as you could damage it.


The price is also an important factor, despite the fact that blow dryers are not a big expense. The good thing here is that, unless you want something professional, you can find a dryer that will fit your needs perfectly for less than $20. If you are looking for a blow dryer that will offer you the salon experience, you should be willing to pay around $100, since those are more expensive.

Usually, the power and the number of features goes up if the price is higher, so it is up to you how much you are willing to invest and what you need from a dryer.