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China Parliaments voting elects Xi Jinping as President for Life


The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping earlier on Sunday Afternoon has succeeded in exterminating presidential term limits. This decision by the China parliament has a political triumph that makes the way for him to stay in power for the rest of his life.The China Parliaments voting that had taken place took everyone by shock as they had voted President Xi Jinping as President for Life.

About 3000 members from China’s National People’s Congress has voted for the president at the Great Hall of the People, which is an imposing theatre on the western side of Tiananmen Square.There was applause undulate through the auditorium as President Xi Jinping cast his vote using two hands in order to place a salmon ballot into a bright box at 3:00 pm.

After which there were a further 2,900 ballots had been cast in his favour of the change two had voted against, this certain move has caused an outrage in some liberal circles. Once the result was announced there was a 20-30 second burst of happiness and applause

China Parliaments voting, the Chairman responsible, Zhang Dejiang, told his people that it was time to get behind Xi’s push to make China once Again a greater country. The great dream of recreating China encourages all of us to keep striving for what is to come, said Zhang.He also said that it was high time to study thoroughly and apply the President’s Xi Jinping’s thought and make the people realize the Chinese Dream.

Many were excited to be part of such a pivotal moment in Chinese history, the same was with a delegate from Hubei province Yuan Weixia. She also concluded by saying that Xi has always been showing them the right direction in the development before placing her ballot into one of those boxes.As we have been revolutionizing from time to time, the vision and goal that kept us always ticking should remain in all of us like a spark ready to ignite.

For the President Xi Jinping as President for Life is also a challenging task as everyone in the parliament is hoping for an advanced and modernized China. He is also known as the World’s most Dominant leader. Under his rule, China was in the number two Spot in terms of economy.

Opponents, however, fear of the worst and do not want to repeat the past that had happened in 1962. They say that if this is passed on it can destroy China and its people, protested Li Datong, who was a retired newspaper editor who became an opposition to Xi’s power grab when he had published a combative letter. He said all the deputies were acting like puppets and went on saying bad words.

The author of a forthcoming book Elizabeth Economy, which had written about Xi called The Third Revolution, reflecting is powers that only he could put China back to the growing economy and its global affairs. Economy said that his anti-corruption campaigns and requests, the President Xi had created some discontent among some really powerful leaders.The China President term limit is close to 5 years in which he had used an anti-corruption campaign to bring down big rivals including 100 major generals who were accused of plotting





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