Celebs That Do Not Own Cell Phones: 10 Movie Stars


Can you give up your cell phone? No not for one day for your entire life. Impossible? You think humans cannot survive without cell phones anymore, right? Wrong. These stars will tell you you are completely wrong. Here’s a list of celebs that do not own cell phones.

Justin Bieber:

The popular pop singer and heart throb doesn’t own a phone for quite some time now. He prefers his balance and personal boundaries over the damn device. Although, he continues to use a tablet for work but no cell phones.

Saswata Chatterjee:

One of the creepiest serial killer of Bollywood was Bob Biswas from Vidya Balan starrer Kahaani. The cold-blooded murderer took assignments on phone. Ironically, he doesn’t use any cell phone in his real life.

Ed Sheeran:

 We wouldn’t have survived this awfully tiring journey of life without Ed Sheeran making our days. He went off great by throwing away his phone. He spent a year like this to introspect and find himself. However, he had a working mail id for communication.

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Tom Cruise:

The all time favourite actor of ladies, Tom Cruise too doesn’t own a phone. He has a team of people tending to his virtual communication.

Shailene Woodley:

Shailene Woodley aka Hazel Grace prefers social interaction over social media. The star doesn’t believe in tying down one’s life to a device.

Simon Cowell:

Simon Cowell hates waking up to a flood of messages. He likes his life better without any cell phones distracting him.

Elton John:

For such a popular social media personality and actor, many people are shocked to know that Elton John doesn’t own a cell phone. Her husband and her social media team takes care of her virtual world.

Sarah Jessica Parker:

No can accessorize better than Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently, phone is not on Parker’s accessories list.

Vince Vaughn:

Vaughn says that he hates being accessible to people all time. He proudly refuses to own a phone.

Christopher Walken:

Christopher Walken checklist has an Oscar in it. However, it doesn’t have owning a phone, or a laptop. The actor hasn’t even sent a mail to date.

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So these are celebs that do not own cell phones. Now you will say that it is easy for celebs to not own a phone because they can always hire a team of social media managers and rely on someone else to communicate for them. We cannot have the same privilege. However, we can try to minimise the use. And according to celebs it’s not that hard.