CCTV Footage : National Level Kabaddi player shot dead in Rohtak haryana


The incident happened on Tuesday where two unidentified persons attacked and shot dead  the very famous national-level kabaddi player Sukhwinder Narhwal (24) in Haryana’s Rohtak district.

The near by installed CCTV camera has captured the incident which shows Sukhwinder Narhwal walking along the road, when he is accosted by the two armed youths, on a two-wheeler, approaching from the opposite direction.

The rider first shoots him and Sukhwinder Narhwal falls to the ground after a bullet hits him in the chest. The duo then shoot him in the head five times from point-blank range and speed away.

To avoid tension in the area police have been deployed, and FIR has been registered. Police claimed that they have got vital clues regarding the assault. Few suspects were detained for questioning but no arrest have been made till now.