Career of Engineering Students Which is a Life Question.



The best time a student can have in his/her life is engineering life. I’m just speaking about engineering but not other kinds of degrees. But the main reason of pursuing this B.Tech course is to get a degree of course but apart from that it values a lot for jobs and career building.


Most of them think that engineering life period is best for enjoying to maximum extent. This is because they feel this period is only responsible for enjoyment. But that is completely wrong. Without aggregate marks there is no use of studying engineering.

Marks alone doesn’t matter but marks does matter throughout this course.

So, for better future concentrating on marks is definitely important.

Career of Engineering Students:

Everybody now-a-days join course in any field either computers,electrical,mechanical, civil etc., The more the students the more the jobs required. But this is a bit difficult.

Just completing course with 80 to 90 percent aggregate maybe sufficient for qualification for job but not for securing a job.

For securing a job not only percentage but even technical knowledge is necessary. Skills are most important either it maybe communication or it maybe development but skills plays major role too.

What is making career more serious now-a-days?

The best answer is lack of knowledge. Most of the colleges teaches students just what we need to secure marks but not what gains them knowledge.

If this is the situation no one is going to get jobs.

Colleges should be responsible for modulating students in such a way that after completion of course they should not waste years and years finding jobs and learning coaching’s. They should be ready to secure a job. That is the main aim of each and every student. I’m just speaking about students who wants a job but not about students who want to do their Master’s abroad.

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Even for this Master’s knowledge is most important. Because while issuing visa you need to answer the questions that are related to course topics which can be cracked only by gaining knowledge not by securing marks alone.

Most of the students are still trying for jobs. This is the present situation. Nobody is securing a job that is opt for him/her.

Study in Engineering Colleges:

Now-a-days engineering colleges are just a bridge to cross across and come to the stage of jobs. These colleges just start teaching some topics that maybe of core or normal subjects but whole topic is never taught properly. This is the main reason why most of the students remain without jobs.


Job is the important part in  everybody’s life to get upto that stage you need to work hard. Of course everything cannot be taught in college because some of the colleges work for half days alone.

But the academics need to be such a way that it should contain only what we need for our future life but not something we don’t work with in our lifetime.

The whole education system is responsible for any kind of disturbances in the life of some students who are just born to win and succeed. Because they put so many hopes on their job after their studies.

Who doesn’t need a career which earns them pride and respect. For that almost that much hard work is to be done because without working nothing can be earned or solved.

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Master’s after Engineering:

The best and most common thing most of the students opt is Master’s. That maybe in any place in any specialization but the main thing is the degree we earn and the knowledge we gain from the work we do in our MS course of time.


Earning a degree used to be a pride in before days. But now-a-days it’s not just a pride but the base for getting a job abroad.

Steps for joining MS abroad:

  • Take a sample GRE test (Most preferably power prep I). If you score a total of 300 for example, then you can guess your final score to be in between 315-320.
  • Then analyze your profile (take a note of all research papers you published, going to publish and project work).
  • Then start preparing for GRE and make sure you reach your target of 315. After the exam is done, select the 4 universities you shortlisted for Educational Testing Service (ETS) to report your scores to (by this way of selecting universities beforehand, you can save $100 here).
  • Apply for TOEFL or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and prepare to get the minimum score that the university requires. (with TOEFL of IELTS – British Council you can save $72 by selecting universities beforehand)
  • After completing with these exams, start preparing your SOP. At the same time, reach out to your professors asking for recommendation letters. Help them prepare recommendation letters on your behalf. Also get the no.of sets of transcripts from your university.
  • Once you are okay with SOP and LORs, open the university website and fill out the online application.
  • Complete the online application, pay the application fee, wait for university to send a mail with student id and finally courier the transcripts to those universities (Make sure you mention your student id on top of the cover).
  • Wait for university to mail its decision.
  • If accepted, they’ll ask you to send bank statement showing liquid assets amounting to 1 year of expenses you are going to spend in that university along with affidavit of support.
  • After approving your bank statement, they’ll send you the I20.
  • On receiving I20, pay your SEVIS fee and apply for F-1 Student Visas (US).
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Choosing the best option is most important after completion of the degree. Career is always important in every student’s life. Never take any decisions without thinking. Each and everyday during the and after completion is very crucial. Never put yourself in trouble without studying and enjoying. Enjoying can be done in many ways but studying cannot be done whenever we feel so. So, when it is correct time for studying we need to do so. And when it is time to enjoy then do it too.