Calling all Mum-baikers to Experience the city like never before!


    You may not understand the life of a biker, or why they rev their engines ‘till dawn. You may not get the thrill they experience when they go full throttle, but they do, and that’s all that matters. When they hop on their bikes, the feeling of being alive washes over them, and in the nightfall, these nocturnal beasts awaken.

    During the day, the city asks to follow the rules,
    and select a route to take,
    but at night, they can decide their own fate.

    They can map the streets, go against the mainstream,
    and colour outside the lines.
    The city roads painted with darkness,
    becomes their canvas,
    and as the moonlight shines upon them,
    the unseen life comes to light.

    They are not doing this for people to watch,
    or for anyone’s attention,
    they are revving up their engines,
    to become one with the night.

    It’s not about what to do, it’s about why.

    Life is about finding your reasons,
    and they have found theirs.
    Mapping the underground on Pulsar N250,
    is what makes them come to life.