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Calcium-Rich Food: 7 Sources of Natural Calcium.


Every year 20th October is observed as World Osteoporosis Day. The purpose is to spread awareness about the condition of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a common disease seen in the aged population. It results in the weakening of bones. Further, this condition leads to persistent aches in bones and joints. The bones become weak and brittle due to the loss of calcium. The pain can hamper your daily life making the simplest task a tedious job for you. If left untreated, Osteoporosis worsens and slight pressure on your bones may lead to fractures. Calcium is the major element behind Osteoporosis. It can be prevented by including Calcium-Rich Food in your diet. Apart from Calcium, it is also caused by a severe deficiency of Vitamin D. 

A lot of foodstuffs can help you retain and increase calcium in your bones. A List of Calcium-Rich Food and food rich in Vitamin D is as given below:

Milk and Dairy Products

 Milk and milk constituents like cheese, paneer, ghee are powerhouses of Calcium and vitamin D. Eating these foodstuffs on daily basis can do wonders to strengthen. Milk especially helps to increase bone density.

Sea Food and Eggs

 Strictly for Non- Vegetarian, Fish, and Eggs are a decent source of vitamin D and calcium. Any kind of fish including salmon and trout dishes can increase the calcium supply.

Soy Products

 Tofu is made from soya milk. Tofu and other soy milk products are potent sources of calcium. Many Indian dishes can be enhanced with soy milk or tofu as they both are very versatile foodstuffs.


 Figs or Anjeer are not only filled with calcium but they also contain necessary potassium content. Potassium helps in decreasing the loss of calcium through urine. Figs are considered as healing fruit as it contains about 10% of the required calcium for your body.

Green Vegies

The elders where are right when they made you eat green vegetables whether you like it or not. Veggies like Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Chard, Colocasia leaves are rich in calcium content. So the next time you are served green leafy vegetables remember Popeye and finish it all. As a matter of fact, green vegies have more calcium than milk and milk products.

Seeds and Nuts

Almonds are the best source of calcium. 100 g of almond contains about 260 mg of calcium. Apart from almonds hazelnut Brazil nuts walnuts are also a rich source of calcium. Also, Sesame seeds too contain good amounts of calcium. 100g of Seasame seeds contain about 980 mg of Calcium.


There’s a reason why Rajma Chawal is such a wholesome and energetic treat. 100g of Rajma or Kidney Beans contain about 140 mg Calcium. In addition, other beans such as soybeans white beans chickpeas are also important sources of calcium.

These are some of the best Calcium-Rich Food and sources of natural Vitamin D. Indian cuisine of every ethnicity involves almost all of these foodstuffs. If you include these foodstuffs in your regular diet, you will hardly require a tonic for calcium deficiency. At the same time, an increase in Calcium content can cause an overgrowth of bones. Further, with time it will become painful. Hence, it is necessary to consult your doctor and monitor your calcium content. Too much calcium can also be bad for your body just like its deficiency. 



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