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3 reasons why Bollywood started fearing about Tollywood


Indians find major entertainment in three things, they are Movies, Cricket and Marriage. Ahaa, I meant marriage celebrations, not the aftermath of that, lol ! Cricket is almost a religion in our country and movie is a mean to vary the religion in our country. Debates apart these are into blood of every typical Indian who possess fanism and patriotism. You get maximum 10 series in an year for cricket and eventually it can’t beat your hunger. Thanks to film industry where the destiny of many people is examined on every Friday. Film industry in India is not unified. Giving a perfect example for secularism film industry in India is entertaining us as many woods. Three woods are the heart of the business in country Viz, Bollywood, Tollywood (Telugu) and Kollywood (Tamil). Bollywood should termed as king of entertainment where as Telugu and Tamil industries are more into emotional and realistic stories which touch the right chord of the viewers. Seems like the recent uplifts in the Tollywood industry has already sent some tremors to Bollywood. Lets have a sneak peak of that.

Bahubali it is !! A game changer.

No one has expected a regional film will do exceptionally good in Bollywood that too by withstanding another superstar movie. Bahubali is into this tangled version. Karan johar has bought this movie for 25 crores and he made almost made 120+ crores on this. It is said that whenever few professional Bollywood people meet Bahubali is one of the discussion between them. It is said that the business of second part is also going on high notch even before the release date. The technology used in the film has made many Bollywood supremacy directors dumbstruck. This classic has now set a bench mark for the historical films in the country. With more than 600 crores of overall collections it stands next to PK. This consequences has already made Bollywood to start fear about their Leader trademark in the movie industry of India. Sources are claiming that some big names are joining their hands to make a movie which is a visual wonder than Bahubali.

Flair in stories and Technicians 

The technicians that Tollywood has are very talented. Even Sharukh Khan has admitted that the best actors are in South Film industry. The third top grosser film Bhajrangi Bhaijan has been penned by Vijayendra Prasad. The directors of Go Goa Gone are from Tollywood. Camera man like Senthil Kumar and sound engineers like Ashish are people who majorly work on Tollywood films. The increasing quality of  work in technicians is giving nightmare to many professionals of Bollywood. They were many remake hits of Telugu films in Bollywood in the recent days. Telugu movie stories have that elements which grab the attention of B & C centers who are the major source for the collections. Many of the big directors already started protesting to stop getting the stories from Telugu and Tamil.

Telugu Dubbing film – Minimum Guarantee

Ever wonder why Set Max and Zee movies repeat Telugu dubbed films ? Remember “Ramayya Vathavayya” movie of Jr NTR which turned out to be disastrous flop ? It has been dubbed into Hindi as “Mar Mitenge 2” which has done an exceptional business and when telecast on Set Max it has stood on Top 5 on the National TRP rating index for September month. Telugu films have aggressive fight scenes and emotional touch ups. People in Uttar pradesh and Bihar like these captives a lot and one can see that these films when dubbed are doing exceptionally good. It is said with in trade sources that a Telugu dubbed film into Hindi is a minimum guarantee business. Bollywood artists association has already started a demand to impose more tax on the films which are being dubbed.

So it is clear that Tollywood is giving a good stand to the Big brother and we expect this competition to be healthy. At the end everyone needs good films.



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