Biggest Product Flops of all time: 9 stories


Launching a product is a difficult process. It involves a lot of risk and investment. Despite all the hard work some of the products flop in the market. From Microsoft to Netflix every giant has faced this product flops in their journey. Today let’s have a look at some of the biggest product flops of all time.

Coke vs. Pepsi

In reply to the infamous Pepsi challenge, Coca-Cola did a big mistake to create a duplicate Pepsi soft drink of their own. This new Coke failed the market test as people thought it to be misleading. Coca-Cola had to you deserve their attempt within few weeks. They went back to their original formula and created a new product named Coca-Cola classic.

Apple Newton

The most valuable company of today also face their setback in Apple Newton PDA. The reason was this product was insanely expensive and as compared to the price the features were not so good. Apple had to drop the idea.

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Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob was under the care of Melinda Gates. Yet, Bill Gates had to write “Bob Died” after the user interface was called back from the market. The reason was that this UI demanded more performance parameters than an average PC could handle.

McDonald’s Archduke

McDonald’s Arch Duke was a new burger launched specially for adults. It was a sophisticated burger at a higher price than usual McDonald’s price. MacDonald had spent a huge sum on this campaign. Get it failed as McDonald’s was going against its own tag of being an affordable and children friendly brand.

Microsoft Zune

When apple’s iPad started to take the market, Microsoft decided to give it a competition inform of Microsoft Zune. It failed not because it was a bad product but because it had nothing new to offer.

Virtual Boy

This was Nintendo’s failed attempt in to virtual reality. The virtual boy was far from reality. To be entirely honest, it sucked.

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Cosmopolitan Yoghurt

You might be familiar with the cosmopolitan magazine. This might be the first time you are hearing about cosmopolitan yoghurt. Again, the yoghurt had nothing new to offer except that it was a branded product.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon launched its own phone in 2014. Firstly, the fire phone was very expensive. Next, it was just another way of getting users on Amazon. The phone was sort of a way of advertising. Nobody needs that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This phone had shaken the entire faith Samsung’s customer had in the brand. The device was as usual magnificent only with a single problem. It used to occasionally burn and explode. The phone was banned from flights. However, Samsung rectified the mistake and made a quick back flip with Note 8

So, these are some of the biggest product flops by some of the most famous brands. Yet, they did not get discouraged. They say failures are stepping stones to success and this should be your motivation. These brands had years of experience and yet they failed. This reinstates two facts. Firstly, nobody is absolute. Secondly, learning is a never-ending process.