Uncover Best Zedd Songs


There is a wide range of Zedd tunes that has been made popular over a period of time. Here are some of the best Zedd songs of all time:

  1. Clarity

One of the finest songs, Clarity is even better when remixed with Zedd tunes. If you listen to it for sometimes you will definitely fall in love with the tune. The remix is even mesmerizing than the original one.


  1. Spectrum

Spectrum is widely popular and it has proved what Zedd can do. The song is amazing and in true sense it is one of the best productions of Zedd which has captured the hearts of all the fans who love the electronic music.

  1. Beautiful Now

The lyric of this song is even more captivating and it goes well with the beats and thereby creates trance instantly. Besides the tunes, it has the best ever official video which is indeed the finest creation of Zedd.

  1. I Want You to Know
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Though the song is new to us but the music it has made it extremely beautiful. The beats are too catchy for the ears and therefore make our heart ponder over it. This song is indeed best for the parties and is often considered as the dance song.


  1. Stay the Night

This is another Zedd creation which fills the heart with content. The song has nice lyrics besides great tunes and perfect beats. It times we fell that this song must be in the first position as it is so remarkably completed.

  1. Find You

Besides having powerful voice, this song has a super break and playing of beats which make it one of the coolest songs of Zedd tunes. Listening to this song is a pure bliss in itself.

  1. Papercut

This is another beautiful song with Zedd tunes as it is nicely composed. The song has the emotional part which makes us like the song even more. The song is one of the best creations of the Zedd which people love to hear any time.

  1. Break Free
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When talking about this song, we can only mark it as the outstanding song because of its beats. Nothing can really beat the song in terms of music.

  1. Addicted to a Memory

Among the top songs of Zedd, this is again a nice example of electronic music. You can hear it at the highest volume on a long ride. The tunes are sure to drive you crazy. There work of unexpected elements of electronic music can be experienced with this song.

  1. Candyman

This song is indeed very adorable and listeners will get carried away with its tunes. Zedd has made the song powerful and the amazing vocals in the song are the extra gift for the listeners.

  1. Alive:

Alive is also one of the greatest creations with Zedd music which has given the song a distinct dimension all together.

  1. Transmission:

This song with Zedd beats is very appealing besides the lyrics which are sure to make life even more beautiful.