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10 Best WhatsApp Games to Play for Couples


In chatting,have you ever felt that there should be a capsule which can take your conversation so long?

Do you ever use the conversation like ‘Tum Bolo’ or ‘Aap Bolo’ from both sides till some minutes?

Have you ever worried because your partner does not give you time because he or she feels fatigue from their job? 

Do you think that there should be unique games which can increase your bond?

Top 10 best whatsapp texting games for lovers with examples

#1. Dare with Love

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Try these WhatsApp games with your loved ones and make your conversation so interesting. Undoubtedly these splendid games would uncover so many hidden thoughts of your partner which they never told you but tried to say. 

This WhatsApp game will assure you how much your counterpart remembers your memorable day. Obviously everyone wants to check his partner by knowing about their memorable day. 

**Give your friend to select a number from 1 to 5. Then after, go through the below answers and if he doesn’t remember that particular date correctly then he will take you to the movie the next day. The date must be included with month and year. ????

#2. Weekend Game

Are you planning to make your week full of love??

This is one of the best WhatsApp games through which one can make his weekend full of love by playing this game. Sometimes it is hard to make plans so it would be better to do this by a weekend game. Sure after playing this your week would be the best one of that very year. 

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**In the following game, you will have to arrange 7 weeks (Sun to sat) in any order as you want. Then you will do things in that week according to the below-mentioned chart. If you don’t do this you will be blocked for a week. 

Weekend WhatsApp Game with Image Example:

#3. WhatsApp Battery Percentage Dare Answers

Let us see what your battery percentage wants to make you do for me. 

*You have to send the screenshot of the current battery percentage of your phone. Match the battery status from the below chart and do what is mentioned here:- 

1%-20%- Propose to me and kiss me.
21%-25%- Send me a picture of your hands.
26%-40%- Flirt with me for the next 15 minutes.
41%-60%- Kiss me when we meet next.
61%-70%- Tell me the name of your crush.
70%-95%- Change your WhatsApp Status to my picture.
96%-100%- Say “I Love You” in a voice note.

#3. Contact list Dare answer

This is totally new amazing whatsapp games by which you can also know your partners whatsapp contact list number.

** show instantly the screenshot of your contact list number and go with the following rules below:- 

200 & above: take me to the goa in the upcoming summer
200 to 150: write my name on your status and say I love you. 
150-100: Tell me the secret that you have never told anyone. 
99-50: give me 100 kisses when we meet  
50-10: take me for the shopping

#4. Instrumental marriage whatsapp game 

Sometimes the prediction of games gets true and it is about marriage games so it must be true?. An instrument can predict your marriage year. 

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**Choose any one of the following instruments and that will decide our marriage year. 

Guitar, Harmonium, Sitar, Tabla, Violin, Tanpura

Guitar: 2021
Harmonium: 2022
Sitar: 2023
Tabla: 2024
Violin: 2025
Tanpura:2025 & above

Instrumental marriage whatsapp game with example answer

#5. Fast and Favourite whatsapp game

It doesn’t matter how many years we have spent together with the things that matter how much we have known each other tastes, so for this here we have a game… Wanna try??

One will ask his or her favourite thing and the other has to guess it, it will be in rapid fire mode… 

Question would be like this:

  • Favorite food
  • Favorite actor
  • Favorite song. Etc. 

#6. Males vs Females

Do you feel annoyance after getting the same whatsapp game everywhere?

Let’s see the number of males and females in your family members and that will decide how much time (in minutes) you will hold me and kiss me in our upcoming meeting without any break.

** You have to choose ‘M’ & ‘N’ in a second then after you can take time in counting. 

Men: kiss till the counted number of your family males member (in minutes)
Women: Hug till the counted number of your family females member (in minutes)

#7. Where how when what whatsapp games. 

Wanna try how much we have remembered our beautiful days. Let us recall that precious moment by playing this game.

**Select one number from each question.

Where did you first see me?
1. Near temple
2. ‎In classroom 
3. Road
4. ‎bus
5. ‎park 

“How you saw me”?
1. Running
2. ‎Naked
3. ‎In saree
4. ‎Doing dance
5. ‎Giving someone kisses

What did you feel when you saw me for the first time?
1. Innocent 
2. ‎hot
3. ‎smart
4. ‎cute
5. ‎mad

The best quality you see in me?
1. Kind-hearted 
2. ‎naughty 
3. ‎romantic 
4. ‎lazy
5. ‎Partyholic

Guess my favorite color?
2. Black

What is my biggest fear?
1. Height
2. ‎darkness
3. ‎animals
4. ‎your anger 
5. ‎our break up

#8. Portrait story whatsapp game

Are you getting worried or bored? Wanna know about someone or something? 

Have fun with this game. 

** Your friend will show you a picture and you have to say 5 pros and cons about that picture.


#9. Twisted Truth and Dare whatsapp game

One will raise a question and both will answer that truth question. Questions would be based on the love story of the gamers only. Truth and dare game is common but the twisted one is totally fantastic and unique one. Play only when you have to dare to say the truth and have dared to do dare. 

** You both have to answer that same question. If any of them refuse to answer then he will give pizza treat 4 consecutive days. 

Questions would be like:-

Have you ever dated two girls in a day?
Ever kiss any girl other than me???

Dare :- 

Go and talk with your parents about our marriage.
Reveal the big secret that you have hidden yet. 

Truth & Dare game with example:

#10. Voice note whatsapp game

Let’s see how much your love knows the voice of your friend or family. Mostly on the call, you get the voice of your friend’s family or his friend’s voice. So see how much you take that voice in your mind. 

** Your lifeline will send you the voice notes of his close one (family or friend) and you have to tell the name of people. If you lose the game then after losing you will have to call that person. 



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