Best Ways How to Inspire Your Child to Write


One of the coolest activities that your kid can engage in is writing. Research suggests that writing has therapeutic benefits, such as improved cognition including memory, improved speech accuracy, and increased immunity to depression and other mental health afflictions. Expressive writing does not only help children get in touch with their emotions, but it also offers the perfect method of tracking down overwhelming thoughts. Children who write are less prone to experiencing anxiety in their older years and more able to cope with trauma and stress. This article will discuss a few of the major methods to help your children engage in writing. 

Make them disagree with you

The coolest and easiest way in which you could get your child to start writing is to touch on an issue that he or she is really passionate about. If they are, let’s say, big Harry Potter fans, you say something like, “Malfoy should have been a Gryffindor.” They will obviously disagree with you, so here is your chance. As soon as they try to convince you that you are wrong – Malfoy could never be a Gryffindor – ask them to prove that to you. They will probably start enumerating the reasons why you are being inaccurate; this is where you stop them and trick them into writing you a “convince me!” letter. If they are truly passionate about this subject, they will do anything they can to prove you wrong, including writing a letter as evidence that they are right. 

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Play engaging games

There are many games that could spark a child’s interest in writing. Some of the most popular are:

  • The picture game. Find some interesting images on the web and glue them into your notebook. Then ask your child to look at the picture and tell you what they see. Can they make a story out of these pictures? And if so, what is the story about? Ask them to write down their answers. You write down your answers and then you guys compare answers to make it more fun.
  • The “tell me how” game. Dress like an alien – or someone from outer space – and ask your child to describe to you how Earth looks like. Ask them to write you an accurate description of it and then hand it to you. Tell them you can’t understand the spoken language, but you can read the written words. 
  • The “(un)fortunately” game. Write down the first sentence of the story that you are about to create, starting with “fortunately.” For example, you could say, “Fortunately, I was allowed to play outside.” Then your kid adds something that begins with “unfortunately” such as, “Unfortunately, I was then punished because my room was messy.” Keep continuing the story until it doesn’t make sense anymore. 
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When helping your child develop, you might realize that consulting a coursework service to find new essay and game ideas might be exactly what you need. Getting help is something that should be further promoted today, when there are so many aiding tools available in helping children grow intelligently. You should not feel discouraged or anxious about this!

Work together on making a book

Writing is a good way to help your child understand that they can achieve anything they want in this world (of course, with the right mindset). A great way to help them engage in writing and develop a strong will and courage is by putting together an “I can” book. Ask your child what they think they can and cannot do. For all the things they say they can do, add them to the book. For those things that they say they cannot do, add them to a notebook. Then ask them to transform the “can’t do’s” into “can do’s” and add the new version in the book. This way, you will not only grow their interest in writing, but also help them understand that anything is possible if you truly desire it. 

Build up your personal journal jar 

A journal can be a diary, but it does not have to. You and your child could have a secret – your journal jar. Ask them to write anything they want on a piece of paper and add it to the jar, whenever they feel like it. Promise them that you will do the same. A journal jar is perfect for keeping ideas, feelings, and questions in one place. 

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Create a cute family scrapbook

Saving memories is a good way to get your child started on writing. You could use a new photo album to attach all the pictures and memories that you’ve made together. You could even glue in some of the objects that you found together and are meaningful to you. Your child can start by writing the date of the event and a short description of what it means to them!


If you manage to spark your child’s interest in writing, there will be no way in which you could stop them from continuing. Writing can be addictive (in a good way), so all you have to do is get this process started. I hope the ideas we’ve discussed today helped you!