Best Video Editing Software: 9 Tools for Beginners


Editing videos might not be a quality listed on your job profile, but it is definitely a must-have ability today. You need videos everywhere on every occasion. Why, you need them for personal use as well. Are you a beginner looking for a good video editing tool? You are at the right place. We have the 9 best video editing software listed down for you.


Lumen5 is one of the best and easiest video editing software out there. You can make short videos mostly used as a clip for your social media. It can make some really fun ad campaigns for you. You can create 480 px videos in the free version, 1080 px videos will require paying.

Nero Video

Nero Video is one of the cheapest options for paid video editing. You will find many effects. However, it is limited only for beginners until they learn. You will never be fully satisfied with it.

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Corel Video Studio

Corel video studio is the state of art software for video editing. However, it is paid. The best part is it is one-time payment. So, if you are ready to spend some, Corel Video Studio should be ideal option for you with its 360-degree VR and 4K effects.


The best part of Filmora is its multi-faceted service including Filmora for Laptops or PC, FilmoraGo for mobile and Filmora Scrn for screen recording. The software is extremely user friendly with many useful tools like overlays, transitions, motion elements, filters etc. It is also a paid tool. But the price is quite in your budget.

Apple iMovie

Needless to say, Apple iMovie is only for Apple users. The best part is it is entirely free with every Mac device. Further, the popular tool is its Chroma-Key that takes you to exotic locations around the globe

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is almost for professional users. However, it is extremely easy to use if you invest some time in it. If you are a beginner willing to do some hard work, you must definitely check Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

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VSDC Free Video Editor

The name says it all. It’s a free video editor. The user-friendly interface has got some of the most attractive templates and watermarks for personal video editing. Now, you can easily edit your vacation videos.

Movie Maker 10.

It is also a free video editing software. It is compatible for Windows only. The tool is easy to use and does not have any special pre-requisite. However, it is very basic and does not have much features. But if you are a beginner merely seeking to learn, it is not so much worse.


This isn’t a software but an online video editor. It has an intuitive interface with many good features like high quality, video trimming, real-time sharing, etc. Further it has a paid Pro version.

These are some of the best video editing software for beginners out there. Tell us if you find this post helpful in the comments section below.