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Top 10 Best Tesla Band Most Popular Songs

Who are the members of Tesla band?

1. Tommy Skeoch
2. Jeff Keith
3. Frank Hannon
4. Brian Wheat
5. Troy Luccketta

Tesla is a Famous and Popular Band of American rock formed in the year 1981 in California by Frank Hanon guitarist and Bassist Brian Wheat as city kadd. Drummer Troy Lucketta, guitarist Tommy Skeoch Lead vocalist Jeff Keith joined the American band in the year 1984. In the year 1986, this popular band has changed its direction with a new name. Teslas music is usually referred to as hair metal or hard rock. This popular band toured with Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth, Poison, and Def Leppard which resulted in the categorization as a band of glam metal. The first album of this famous band was Mechanical Resonance, which was released in the year 1986 and this band released its second album the great radio controversy in the year 1990. Here are some of the popular and Best Tesla Songs listed below-


List Of Best & Famous Tesla Songs of All Time:

#1. Amazing Mamas Fool (1985) Bust a Nut

Tesla introduces the amazing songs “Mamas fool” in the year 1985. This popular Tesla song with a laid back of Southern vibe morphs into the full and entire blown rocker. This famous song draws a respectable crowd. The crowd got excited, and the song was very entertaining with a brilliant hit and performance. This song was very popular in the voice of Keith, and the excellent playing of guitarist Frank Hanon played the songs nicely and beautifully and Hanon also played the song on the heads and finally won the billion hearts of the audience. Whenever you hear this song, you will get Goosebumps.

#2. Hang Tough (1989) the Great Radio Controversy

Hang Tough is one of the most popular and famous Tesla songs. This popular song was released in the year 1989. This amazing lyric of songs was an excellent combination of 1980s metal with the occasional Ballard of love and some great elements of blues elements.

#3. Famous “The Song and Emotion” (1991) Psychotic Supper

These famous Teslas songs are the third album studio released in the year 1991. This popular song was reissued outside U.S, with 3 tracks of bonus in the year 2000. This great album was certified platinum in the year 1993 on 5th November by Ria.

#4. Great “Heavens Trail” (1989) the Great Radio Controversy

This famous Tesla’s song in the year 1989 was showcased for the guitar tag of Tesla team Of Tommy Skeoch and Frank Hanon on the rampant rocker from the famous album of Great Radio Controversy. Heavens trailer was really a concert killer.

#5. Stunning “The Way It Is” (1989) the Great Radio Controversy

This great Teslas song from the best album “The Great Radio Controversy”, released in the year 1989. This song was very famous among the audience.

#6. “Love Song” (1989) the Great Radio Controversy

Tesla’s love song was the second biggest hit song of this band. This song was very popular among the audience. With only two acoustic guitars the famous band started performing for this great song and finally this song won the heart of the audience.

#7. Little Suzi (1987) Mechanical Resonance

This was a great song of Tesla and was very popular among the audience. This amazing song released in the year 1987. This excellent song of Tesla was a brilliant mix of the acoustic element and excellent music.

#8. The Great “What You Give” (1991) Psychotic Supper

This popular Teslas song was issued in the year 1992, backed by cotton fields that are highly popularized in the year 1969 by Credence Clearwater Revival.

#9. “Modern Day Cowboy” (1987) Mechanical Resonance

It’s a very good popular Tesla’s song from the debut album which was released in the year 1987. This famous song was featured in the video game of Warriors of rock (Hero of guitar). This amazing song was provided for personal and educational purposes. The musician of this famous song provides the most brilliant and effective track.

#10. Edison’s Machine (1991) Psychotic Super

This song is another popular Teslas song which was released in the year 1991 from one of the famous album Psychotic Super. The famous album Psychotic Super was ranked 475 in the year 2005 in the books of Rocks hard magazines.

Apart from the above-mentioned songs, there are many best songs of Tesla such as “Call it what you want”, “Cumin Atcha Live”, and many more.



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