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10 Best Online Email Service That You May Choose


Are you looking for best but free email service? Do you want to the all-time best online email service? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you have certainly come to the right way. It is seen when a person chooses an email service he or she is picky. Because when you select an email service, you must think that the service can give your plenty of possibilities, and often unlimited storage, spam filtering, quick and very productive web user interface, you can access through desktop and mobile and much, much more. So the best email service is one which can give you all the above.

#1 Zoho Mail – Zoho is a popular name in email service, but hardly a few people have known the name. It is one of the most trusted and solid email service providers in the internet technology that offers ample storage, POP as well as IMAP access, lots of integration with quick messaging, also offers a standard online office suites.  


#2 Yandex Mail – If you have already used Yandex you have surely come to know how it is and what you can get from this email service. It offers a complete, rich as well as usable email experience with total web access, customized integration, mobile application, POP, IMAP, including unlimited storage facility. Yandex could function a complete web based IMAP.

#3 Outlook.com – Hardly you find a person who does not know about outlook.com. It is one of the most trusted and well-known free email services in the world or internet technology. It offers free email, unlimited storage, helpful for the interface, IMAP, POP as well as exchange ActiveSync in the email programs on your desktop and mobile.

#4 Gmail – It is one of the most trusted and highly authentic as well as reliable free email service. From kids to adults, from young to old everyone is accustomed to Gmail. Gmail provides free email, unlimited free online storage facility, chat, Google drive, POP and powerful and highly efficient IMAP access. One of the best email services in the world.

#5 AIM Mail – It is a free web-based email service offers unlimited storage online. It also offers good and secure spam protection, rich and user-friendly interface that the beginners to the advanced level user can access easily. It lacks the productivity, but the IMAP and POP are functional.

#6 iCloud – iCloud a free email service offered by Apple. You get ample storage, IMAP access, functional web apps, high-end productivity and more under one roof, one the POP is missing with iCloud.

#7 Yahoo – Yahoo mail is one of the most trusted and oldest email service providers in the world. Everybody knows the name. You can be unlimited storage, SMS texting option, social networking, free form label, smart folders and much, much more; all are free and nice.

#8 Mail.com and GMX – This email service are dependable service, you can rely on this service. You can easily filter of spam and viruses. Though, if you want to get POP and IMAP then you have to go for paid add-on, these two do not come under free email service. If you want more and smarter ways to manage your mail, then Mail.com and GMX mail are great.

#9 Inbox.com – Inbox.com offers 5 GB storage facility for and a free, secure and stable email service. You can access email with highly polished, quick as well as functional way. You can use either through web or POP. But the lacking is IMAP is not supported with this mail service.

#10 My Way Mail – People who have used this free email service must know it is clean, fast as well as fun to use. It is not that much advanced compared to another high-end email service, but a free email service. If you have not used this free email service yet, just use once to know the pros and cons of the email. It lacks secure messaging as well as other advanced options.

When you are choosing best email service and a free one, you must think what you are getting and how you can improve your usability, for instance, SMS texting, storage, POP, IMAP and more. Only good user experience can give you the reliability of a service if it is paid one or a free email service.



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