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Best Movies for my Research Paper


To ace in essay writing, it is vital that you write what you can relate to cover more points and earn more credits. To impart more information to students, movies prove a beneficial element. Since movies discuss topics ranging from historical occurrences, breakthroughs in various fields, politics and pop culture, students get more in-depth insight and understand issues faster. 

Although movies are fun and available in plenty, film research papers can prove a confusing area. From choosing the movie to write about to elaborately covering the movie, there are many elements to consider. 

Here is an overview of excellent movies for research paper ranging across multiple fields. For help handling research and essays, contact my research paper writers, therefore, getting quality paper written for affordable prices. 

The Holocaust

Historical topics are among the areas you can excel in a film research paper and also the field with most resources. To give insight on oppressing issues in the world war II, where Jews were oppressed and murdered by Nazis. 

This is an excellent movie for research papers tackling racism in world war II and the dictatorial regime of the Hitler government. Also, the holocaust gives you clarity on the effects of the world war thus arming you with relevant information to tackle multiple topics. 

Among other topics where the Holocaust can be used in a movie research paper are; Nazi propaganda, world war I, racism and post-war emigration. 

Freedom writers

Another good movie for research papers is freedom writers. When discussing topics on racism, ethnicity, and crime, freedom writers offers a good plot which shows the two and finalizes with the various groups setting aside their indifference and working together. 

Even more, freedom writers can be used in research papers covering topics on the virtues of tolerance and understanding. 

Stand and deliver

When it comes to minority groups and discrimination themes, one can find themselves asking; what will I write in my research paper? Stand and deliver which is based on the story of Edward James in Garfield high school which was presumed a cesspool of gangster students who had no interest in education. 

Also based on the school setting, stand and deliver caters for topics around discrimination and social evils among young students. Even more, the movie can be used to discuss the theme of educational inequalities in educational systems. 

All the president’s men

Although there is a surplus of political film, none excels at explaining the Watergate scandal and the social evils that go on in the political arena. Among the themes covered by this film include, political manipulation, criminality, and patriotism. 

By preparing a film research paper on this film, you understand various issues in matters politics thus improving your chances of success. 

All quiet on the Western front

What world war I film do I use to write my research paper? Well, with the plethora of movies themed with world war I, all quiet on the western front towers in terms of themes and context. This film shows how the war was glorified as noble and a show of patriotism. 

Among the themes covered in this film include the effects of war on soldiers and the scar that war left on individuals and families. When preparing a research paper on this movie, you get to discuss political power and neutrality. Here, you gain perspective on how leaders misuse democratic values to amass more power and glory. 

When writing a fil research paper, being succinct and meeting the word count is critical. However, poor choice of movies can lead to a shortage of details or even limited themes to discuss. 

By using the movies above, you can write extensive research papers and cater for even more concepts. For assistance with film research papers, engage professionals in EWritingService thus showing excellent performance without spending surpass amounts of money.



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