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10 Best Michael Jackson Songs


Michal Jackson is no more a name in the world of music. The name is a brand itself when it comes to the pop music world. It is hard to find anyone who is not a crazy fan of Michael Jackson. His voice, emotion and the style of singing have the power to bring out your inner pop star even. The sad songs like Stranger in Moscow, She’s out of my life, One more chance, Gone too soon, Times wait for no one, little Susie or Heaven can wait are so powerful which can blow your heart. The songs like leave me alone, Scream, Speed demon are absolutely funny and rocking. It is not possible to create a list of ten best songs of Michael Jackson songs as all the songs are unique and have a different identity with different style.


Black or White

Are you still can remember the times when the songs come on the television? The songs create unbreakable records to date. The overwhelming song was released on 11th of November in the year 1991. The song is Jackson’s first solo performance from the album ‘Dangerous’.

They Don’t Care About Us

The rocking performance of the king of pop is absolutely unforgettable on this song. The mind-blowing song is released on 31st March in the year 1996. The amazing video song is Michael Jackson’s fourth solo consists of the history-making album ‘History’.

The Way You Make Me feel

This is one of the most romantic tracks among all the Michael Jackson songs. The song from the seventh album ‘Bad’ was released in November 1987. It is the third single lovely track sung and performed by the king of pop.

Thriller Really Thrills You

Hope you did not forget Michael’s zombie dance on this track. The way he turned into a zombie and the way he performed was absolutely amazed you. The song is without a doubt can easily get a placement in Michael’s top ten best songs. In the year 1982, November 30th   the song comes in the market and rest is the history. The audio album is even launched by the name of the special song.

Best Is the ‘Beat It.’

Jackson is popular for his pop culture. Soul, funk, disco songs are also his style but ‘beat it’ is completely the song help him to be the international superstar. The song mixing with heavy guitar, The Grammy awards and the most aired music video is third single top song from the album ‘Thriller’.

Man in the Mirror

This song has completely different style with a powerful message for the entire world. The Grammy-nominated song reflected some of his own stories of life. The song is fourth solo track of the pop king from the album ‘Bad’. The lyrics of the song are really goose bumping.

Best of ‘Billy Jean.’

Billy jean is the second single sung by the master of pop from the singer’s sixth album ‘Thriller’. This track is one of the major hit around the world and one of his bestselling single of all the time. The two Grammy awards make him the world’s number one pop artist.

‘Smooth Criminal’

The smooth criminal is the song where you can see and feel the amazing fusion of song, dance with pop and funky tunes. The video is showing that Michael is leaning in the anti-gravity state which is really amazing. Though it is not known who the lady is named ‘Annie’ in the song.

‘Rock with You’

 Are you ready to rock with Michael? The song is the second solo from his fifth album named ‘off the wall’. The rocking audio was released on 13th November in the year 1979. The track is the perfect fusion of R&B, pop as well as funk.

Amazing ‘Human Nature.’

This is the fifth solo track from his record-breaking album ‘Thriller’.  The song was released on the third of July in the year 1983. The song has achieved the top position in the US chart. This is another song also has gotten many positive reviews from the music critics.

The king of pop’ versatility is definitely uncatchable by the others. His moon walk is the signature style which will never get fade away. The rocking performance of Michael along with the songs has created crazy crowds wherever he performed.  Michael Jackson songs are immortal just like him. The king of pop is now the king of the heart of pop music’s lovers around the world.



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