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Best Gmail Backup Software


With security threats around, you need a proper back up for your Gmail that usually contain private information. From the email folders that comprises of the inbox, outbox, deleted items and drafts to the properties that include the attachments, to, BCC and CC, you need an appropriate back up to protect your information. Take a quick look at the software that can be used as back up software for Gmail.

  • Gmail Keeper

This is a reliable and user-friendly tool that can help protect all the information in the email and it is particularly used for restoring the tools that are particularly meant for Gmail. With an appropriate back up, you will save time during important work rather than lose important data.

  • Sys Tools Gmail Backup

This is one of the best backup applications that keep an account of the emails in the in Gmail for converting into ESL or PST files. With an easy user interface which is secure and safe. This software can function well without internet connectivity.

  • Mail Store

Protecting your mails can be hard unless you have appropriate software such as Mailstore which provides favorable solutions regardless of the size of the business. With a cloud service for archiving your emails, this can be a great option for Gmail users.

  • Gmvault Gmail Backup

When you are looking forward to an option that can help you preserve your emails in a simple directory. This software has been used by businesses across the globe and has earned acclaim for being a feature-rich option for handling all the emails in the most perfect manner. It is a highly customized solution and is available in different platforms.

  • Gmail Backup

As the name suggest, this is another software which is widely used by various businesses for saving and protecting the emails. In today’s world, the threat of the hackers has posed a major problem for the users and having a proper backup has become mandatory. Thus, you have this software that can help you save the most important data that you is present in Gmail.

  • Leo Backup

This program has been specially designed and set up for backup of important data in the email. Being the most important means of communication, this backup software is widely used by people in different verticals of the industry as people have benefited from them. With features that include, reporting, compression and encryption, you have a whole new world of backup with this software that plays an important role in saving your data in the email.

  • Spanning Backup

The importance of an appropriate backup for your email is a foregone conclusion nowadays as you have to preserve all the mails that are required for business purpose. This software helps in ensuring that the data of the client is protected with software which is compliant with the most important features that helps in saving data in your email. During a time when email has emerged as one of the most prominent means of communication, it is necessary to have a proper back up. With this software which is perfect for business needs, you can manage to preserve the most important mails that are vital and a part of the critical business needs. With this automated backup system, it is possible to have all the mails ready when you need to communicate with your clients but there is a major crush in the system.

  • BeyondInbox

This software focuses on the inbox and allow you understand a few simple ways in which mails can be transferred to another email account and also makes way for consolidating the data that has been stored as part of the backup process. If you are looking forward to a way to organize your email, this software can help you gain extra advantage as far as storing data is concerned.

  • Spin Backup

Gmail is now widely used by people across the globe. Therefore, you must have a proper backup for protecting the data in the inbox for which use of software is a must. However, it is necessary to make sure that the software that you have used resonates with your business.

Thing to remember

The list of software that have been mentioned above is one of the nicest ideas and easy to use and each one of these systems have been uniquely programmed to save the data in your email.



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