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10 Best & Most Popular Energy Drinks in India 2022


In the busy and fast life, there are more commitments that people need to fulfill than they have time. In a drenching daily routine, you need to rush to your school or college and then go for tuition classes or other extra-curricular activities. You might also need to rush to office, complete a huge assignment, and return back to home to do other jobs. In every case, you will always find that you are falling short of energy. Although you will grab a soft drink, it will never supply you with the needed energy. The only possible factor that will help you to gain back your energy and at the same time, quench your thirst is an energy drink.

Here is a list of 10 most popular & powerful energy drinks:

Red bull

This is the best energy drink that is extremely popular in the entire world. Available in about 8 flavor variants, it can increase your energy level and make you active instantly. This is because it has about 32 mg/100 ml of caffeine content that is equal to the caffeine content in a cup of coffee.



As the name is, the look, appearance, and the logo of this energy drink is similar. A green claw-like ‘M’ on a black can, makes the can look very attractive. If you are looking for slightly higher caffeine content than Red Bull, which is about 33.81 mg/100ml, then this is what you need to choose.

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Mountain Dew

Available in around 30 flavors, this energy drink is renowned for its neon color, citrus flavor, and bright packaging. However, all the flavors are not available in all the cities. Some are region specific and some have been even discontinued in production. In terms of taste, it is the best energy drink that you can try.


This is the recent favorite of most Indians. Available in flavors such as a tropical trip, lemon mint, and mango strawberry, it is also quite cheaper in cost, since it is produced by an Indian company.

Cloud 9

Based on reconstituted apple juice and with caffeine, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C and a number of other components, this drink is also a very popular one. The flavor of this drink is similar to a mixed fruit juice and hence, many people love this one. You will be able to taste blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, cherry, blackcurrant, and others.


Those, who like fruit juice flavored energy drinks, would find this as a great one. Its base is pomegranate juice and you will be able to taste a number of distinctive herbs such as Skullcap, Epimedium, Ginsengand Guaranaalong with a corn syrup-based energy drink.

Xtra Power

This energy drink is very new to the Indian market and is produced outside the UAE. It contains caffeine, vitamin B6, amino acids, sugar, taurine, minerals, and other components.

Café Cuba

If you are looking for the best energy drink in the entire world that will give you great energy along with a great taste, this is the one that you need to try. Offering energy as much as you would get a shot of espresso, this drink is one of a kind. It is a carbonated coffee drink.


This energy drink is from the renowned name of The Coca-Cola Company and has justly named this designed the tagline of this drink as “Fuel Your Fire”. It is a non-carbonated energy drink and has 32mg/100mL caffeine content.


Unlike any of the other energy drinks, this drink does not contain caffeine or is not even carbonated. It is a water-based drink and contains a number of vitamins and minerals. These elements restore the lost energy and its focus is to restore your health. It is a French Company Danone that has collaborated with a Mumbai-based Narang Company to come up with this drink.

Whatever your personal taste or preference may be; you can choose the energy drink of your choice. All that you need to do is make sure that you go through all the available options and also understand the contents and taste of the drinks. This will help you to make your choice. Certainly, it is a must to switch to these drinks to restore your energy level during busy hours.


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