Best Educational TV Shows for College Students


Television shows can be used as a source of entertainment or for educational purposes. The scripts and themes of different shows make them appropriate for students in different grades. In college, you are looking at an entertaining show that also helps you with academic work. Get help with your college homework assignments to allow you to focus on other more interesting engagements or just relax in your room.  


As a student, you have particular preferences. These preferences might not fit into the shows you will be watching on TV. However, some of the television shows will help you to perform better in academics. Here are some of the most interesting shows to watch. 

Nat Geo

Nat Geo focuses on science, innovation, exploration, and education. The television shows under this flagship run on different channels, based on the theme. You will also enjoy the great storytelling that developers of this program have invested in. 

National Geographic relies heavily on academic materials in the creation of documentaries. For instance, a documentary will not just tell you that lions eat gazelles. The show will demonstrate how gazelles are suited for the lion. You will go deep into the mathematics, biology, and ecology of lions eating gazelles. 

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Nat Geo also carries exclusive stories about some of the most iconic scientific inventions. If you want to learn the history of space travel in detail, Nat Geo is the place to be. The inclusion of graphics in the narrative makes the documentaries more engaging. 

The diversity of topics on Nat Geo makes their shows captivating to a diverse audience. Whether you are studying physics, history, biology, or business, there is something for you on Nat Geo. You will be learning while getting entertained by some of the most seasoned documentary producers in history. 

The Good Doctor

The show runs on ABC. It gives you an ethical, medical, and social perspective on the lives of autistic children and others with special needs. The show is produced from the lens of a doctor and a caring professional. 

What would be interesting in a medical show for students? To begin with, the show has simplified medical terminology. The developers of the show do not make you feel as though you are in a medicine lecture hall. Further, the show helps you to appreciate the challenge of people living with a disability. As a result, you will appreciate your ability and help those around you in need. 

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The Good Doctor is also entertaining. The perspective is not just to highlight the plight of autistic people. It presents medical cases with such a light note that you want to be assimilated into their society. The story of The Good Doctor is heartwarming and full of suspense. You will be waiting for the next episode with weighted breath. The show is a winner because it gives the story such a human touch that you can identify with it. 


The show targets history geeks. It also incorporates a bit of science fiction, making it attractive to the present generation. The storytelling capability of the developers and narrators pushes the show to a whole new level. 

The stories covered in Timeless are true. However, they are given such a professional twist that you will catch yourself in the world of imagination. It is impossible to believe that reenactment is not a recording. 

The adventures in Timeless do not require a history major to enjoy. You can begin watching the show anywhere and still grasp the idea. As a result, the show has gained traction in America and around the world. It is a moment to learn while you also get entertained. 

The show is also among the rare ones that are streamed on the internet. Whether you are using pay-TV or watching through the internet, you will enjoy one of the best learning and entertainment experiences. 

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Forensic Files

The title suggests that you are watching a crime and detective thriller. The show is not for anyone who feels squeamish about sensitive crime and death discussions. However, it is interesting to walk into the minds of criminals. You also engage with crime scenes as though you were present when the discussed incidences were happening. 

The show is designed in the form of a documentary or a case display. The story takes you into the lives of victims and perpetrators beyond the moment when these crimes happened. You can see crimes that were bound to happen and how the victims were blind-sided. The show also focuses on the efforts of law enforcement offices in resolving these crimes. Sometimes the perpetrators will be apprehended while they escape in other circumstances. 

Learning does not have to take place only in the lecture hall and library. Television shows offer excellent fodder to learn about different topics, some of which are related to your academic work. Enjoy the shows while you learn a thing or two.