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Best Data Recovery Tools (Free & Paid) with Reviews


Accidental loss of data from our system is a serious threat to consider as Data has an important role in our lives. Data collection and processing itself is a strenuous task at hand, accidental loss of Data wastes our precious time and not a productive thing. Instead of worrying after data loss, It’s best to be prepared with a data recovery tool and deal the problem which exactly suits the phrase “Prevention is better than Cure”.

The problem may be a hard disk failure or a software bug or a virus attack, The best way to fix it is be prepared with the  best data recovery software or a recovery tool which can retrieve the data at any cost.

 We have mentioned some best data recovery software’s and considering the factors of recovery from RAW, Unallocated, Corrupt or Formatted Hard Disk. the list is also mentioned as per the ability to recover from different file systems such as FAT, FAT32, HFS, NTFS etc.

Let’s have look at the best data recovery tools.

1.Recuva :

Recuva is the most user-friendly Windows-based tool and the ultimate  tool to recover the lost data. The attractive elements of this tool are  Superior file recovery and the Advanced deep scan mode which enables to scan thoroughly.

Its advanced features include the ability to recover files from the damaged equipment or newly formatted files. The secure overwrite feature uses industry & military standard deletion techniques to retrieve the lost data.

2.TestDisk :

TestDisk is a powerful open source data recovery tool which supports al major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and also Linux but in a different form.

The striking feature of this software is that it  enables the user to rebuild or recover the boot sector.It has additional features to fix FAT tables, fix  the  MFT, locate  your  ext2 or ext3  file systems.

3.PhotoRec :

This list would be incomplete without this tool as PhotoRec is not just associated with recovering photos as the name suggests. It is compatible with all the platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux. The ability to recover more than 440 file formats makes you awestruck.

This is more like a professional software and beginners find complexity in using it, as it full devoid of GUI.

4. Undelete 360 :

This works on a variety of devices like digital cameras, USBs and much more. It is built in a powerful algorithm to recover the files fastly. with its impressive office looks, it can recover data on different file formats such as DOC, HTML, AVI, JPG, JPEG, GIF, etc.

With the help of HEX viewer, a data wiping tool enables the user to preview the files before recovery.

5.Pandora recovery :

This is one of the most reliable powerful tools with an easy user interface with an explorer like view along with color codes and  recovery percentage indicators. The preview feature enables the user to check the user to check files before recovery.

The attractive feature of “Surface scan”  has the ability to recover files from deleted and formatted drives.






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