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10 Best Coolest Animals Ever


The eyes of true blue wildlife enthusiasts are always on the lookout for enriching their stock of knowledge by learning about new species of animals both terrestrial as well as aquatic, birds, fishes and insects every day. Here are some of the coolest, most unique species on this planet that you probably never knew existed before!

Superb Bird-of-paradise

This spectacular creation boasts of a dark folded cape of feather and a bluish green layer covering the breast. When it spreads these symmetrically, it appears to be a marvelous elliptical creature that knows how to snap those feathers on its tail in perfect rhythm, against the surface of the ground!

Best Coolest Animals

Patagonian Cavy

As its very name suggests, this exotic species which seems to resemble a cross breed of a rabbit and a deer is a native of the South American regions of Patagonia and Argentina. These animals are usually said to have a strong affinity for one particular partner when it comes to mating.

Red Panda

Undoubtedly one of the cutest and most cool animals that exist on earth is a red panda. Originating in the eastern part of a Himalayan range of mountains, this species survives on bamboo shoots, insects and other tiny creatures, is more active at night and the wee hours of dawn.

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

This beautiful creation of Nature is an inhabitant of the equatorial evergreen rain forests in the Amazon basin. It prefers darting out from the branches of trees to trap flying insects and also plucks its prey from leaf surfaces.


Belonging to the Republic of Congo, the Okapi reminds you of a giraffe as well as a zebra at the same time. This species has those black and white zebra stripes on its body, but it is more deeply related to the giraffe family.

Goblin Shark

There is every reason to term these sharks as ‘living fossils’ since they are completely reminiscent of their ancestral sharks that dwelled in the oceans several millions of years ago. It is found in great depths and tend to grow larger than twelve feet!

Slow Loris

This lovely little nocturnal primate of South-east Asian origin has a frightfully high cute quotient but cannot be owned, since it happens to belong to the endangered category. Besides making silent movements, they can also use their venomous teeth to keep predators at bay.

Dumbo octopus

This particular species of octopus is extremely rare and are found at unfathomable depths of the ocean. Some of these really cool animals are known to exist almost 20,000 feet below the sea level and even beyond that.

Leaf deer

Living in dense forests, this small, fascinating creature has a height of around twenty inches and can be covered by a single leaf which perfectly justifies its name. Males are characterized by a horn that helps in distinguishing them from the females.

Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon or Glaucus Atlanticus is another species of wonder that appears to be too unreal to exist! They are found in slightly warmer waters, and its stomach contains a sac filled with gas that helps it to remain afloat in the sea.

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. There are many more such captivating species waiting to be discovered and brought into the limelight. Nature and wildlife have always been a deep, intense mystery to be slowly explored, unfolded in tiny bits and pieces throughout the journey of one’s life.



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